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When do we start legitimately worrying about Trevor Lawrence? Of course, the situation in Jacksonville with Urban Meyer as his coach is not conducive to quarterback development, but the No. 1 overall pick from April has not shown any signs of improvement of late.  

He tossed four interceptions in the Jaguars shutout loss to the Titans on Sunday, and it was difficult to find those glimmer of hope wow throws down the field. 

There were six quarterbacks selected in the past two NFL Draft classes that saw considerable playing time -- more than 10 pass attempts -- in Week 14.

Let's dive deep into the individual efforts of each quarterback and assign a grade on a per-snap basis, taking every individual aspect of their performance into account.

Justin Herbert
LAC • QB • #10
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Best Throws: 

  • Herbert's first throw of the game was a laser between two defenders on a 15-yard comeback by Keenan Allen
  • His 12-yard touchdown to Josh Palmer had to be a fastball based on the leverage of the defender, and it was. A slower pass would've been a pick six. 
  • Herbert's 59-yard touchdown to Jalen Guyton was an incredible display of his athleticism -- as he had to drift right -- and arm strength. The ball traveled over 60 yards in the air and was perfectly on target. Best deep ball throw I've watched from these young quarterbacks all season.
  • In the third, he rolled right and threw back across the field to Palmer for 36 yards up and over the trailing defender.
  • His one-yard touchdown to Jared Cook had surgical accuracy. 

Worst Throws: 

  • His second pass of the game was attempted through traffic and nearly intercepted. 
  • Early in the second, Herbert had to hold onto the football because of an oncoming defender, and his sidearm release was late and nearly intercepted on a throw into the flat to Jared Cook.
  • Midway through the second, he missed high and wide on a long ball attempt to Austin Ekeler.
  • With under a minute to go in the second, Herbert skipped a shorter throw to an open Ekeler. 

Summary: It was one of those "wow" outings from Herbert because of the high-end throws he made. Spectacular. There were a few misses early, but they were outweighed by the passes he completed that required major arm talent and accuracy.  

Grade: A-
Season Grade: B-

Joe Burrow
CIN • QB • #9
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Best throws: 

  • Although it was reversed to an incomplete upon review, Burrow lofted a gorgeous pass to Ja'Marr Chase down the right sideline into the end zone in the first half. 
  • In the fourth, he threw with perfect loft, timing, and accuracy on a deep corner to Tee Higgins.
  • After reversing his field inside the pocket, Burrow improvised before finding Chase in the back of the end zone in the fourth. Impressive creativity. 
  • In the two-minute drill at the end of regulation, he threw with good velocity and accuracy on a dig to Higgins.

Worst throws: 

  • In the second, while pressured, Burrow threw too far in front of his intended target -- maybe a miscommunication -- the ball was nearly intercepted, and the tipped pass ended up in the hands of Ja'Marr Chase.
  • In the fourth, he missed wide on a throw to Higgins near the sideline. 

Summary: Solid game for Burrow in defeat. While the bad throws weren't very frequent, he did take a bunch of sacks when he attempted to run out of the pocket and showed that he simply doesn't have the acceleration needed to create positive yardage on those plays. As usual, Burrow was tremendous with his ball placement down the field and made a few awesome throws while under pressure.  

Grade: B-
Season Grade: B-

Justin Fields
CHI • QB • #1
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Best Throws: 

  • Midway through the first, he dropped a dime into Darnell Mooney deep down the field that was defended at the last second, and the receiver nearly got both feet in bounds before dropping the pass.
  • The 54-yard touchdown to Damiere Byrd wasn't incredibly difficult but had to be made with serious velocity and perfect accuracy. 
  • Although the receiver was just out of bounds, Fields eluded rushers while rolling left and threw a strike to Jakeem Grant at the sideline.
  • In the fourth, he shrugged off a defensive lineman and ran up the middle for 11 yards.
  • While being taken down in the fourth quarter, Fields flipped a pass underhand to David Montgomery for three yards.

Worst Throws: 

  • His first throw of the game wide of Allen Robinson.
  • The pick six was simply late on an outside-the-numbers throw.
  • He held the ball too long on third quarter sack-fumble.
  • After eluding multiple defenders to his left, he threw way short to an open Jimmy Graham that fell incomplete.
  • Early in the fourth, he was late on a quick stop route that was knocked away and nearly picked.
  • He floated a check down over the middle that was about an inch away from being intercepted late in the fourth.

Summary: Improvisationally, Fields was impressive in this game. And things didn't appear to be happening too quickly for him as a passer. Is he processing coverage at light speed? No, not yet. But the high-end throws were there. He does need to try to get rid of it a tick quicker in some occasions

Grade: C
Season Grade: C+

Trevor Lawrence
JAC • QB • #16
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Best Throws: 

  • Late in the second, Lawrence threw with major velocity and placement on a comeback down the numbers for 12 yards. 
  • In the fourth, while getting pressured on the inside, Lawrence fit the ball into Laquon Treadwell over the middle for 12 yards vs. tight coverage.

Worst Throws: 

  • Late in the third, he threw late over the middle at the intermediate level and the pass should've been intercepted.
  • His pick later the third was a rushed pass directly to an underneath. 
  • Lawrence's third interception was a force deep down the field while improvising that took no account the underneath 
  • He took a pretty bad sack in the fourth quarter that lost 20 yards. 
  • Lawrence failed to see Buster Skrine running underneath a dig route late in the game for his fourth interception.

Summary: Another Sunday, another dreadful performance for Lawrence. Sure a lot of it is the environment in Jacksonville, but after showing some signs of life in October, he's made a handful of egregious mistakes in just about every game. 

Grade: F
Season Grade: C

Zach Wilson
NYJ • QB • #2
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Best Throws: 

  • Rolling left, he fit a ball through a tight-ish window at the intermediate level. Not amazingly difficult but his momentum made it an awkward toss. 
  • In the fourth, Wilson threw a nice back-shoulder to Keelan Cole for 27 yards.

Worst Throws: 

  • Late in the first, Wilson missed a wide open Tyler Johnson over the middle.
  • After not seeing anyone open on a roll to his right that featured a possible throwback to the left, Wilson had Ryan Griffin right in front of him but skipped the pass.
  • On the next play, he airmailed a checkdown.
  • In the third, Wilson took a bad sack that lost 16 yards.
  • He later took a very bad intentional grounding early in the fourth.
  • Cole was open over the middle in the fourth but the throw was behind him.

Summary: While he didn't put the ball in precarious situations in this game as frequently as he has in others this season, there hasn't been an outing with more off-target throws from Wilson. So many missed connections, this game film should be put on Craigslist.  

Grade: D+
Season Grade: C-

Davis Mills
HOU • QB • #10
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Best Throws: 

  • Early in the second, he got to his second read over the middle and threw with good velocity. 
  • After looking around right before the half, Mills squeezed a pass into Rex Burkhead for seven yards between a bunch of Seattle defenders.
  • Late in the third, he dropped one in the bucket to Nico Collins down the left sideline that was dropped.
  • In garbage time, Mills fit a deep corner into Collins between defenders.

Worst Throws: 

  • In the second, he missed on a comeback at the numbers. The pass was too far behind his target.
  • He missed on an out route in the fourth.
  • A few plays later, he forced an out route toward the other sideline.
  • Later in the fourth, he sailed a dig down the middle.
  • There was a very wide throw to Collins deep down the field late.
  • With under five minutes to go, Mills threw a dangerous pass into double coverage that was woefully short and should've been intercepted.

Summary: Mills did look more confident in this start than earlier in the season -- imagine that -- but the misses were too frequent for this to be considered a truly quality outing. 

Grade: C
Season Grade: C

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