Grading drafts right after they are concluded leads to trouble.

But I do it anyway.

It's a tough exercise when you consider the failure rate of draft picks. Even the teams have no idea.

Flip a coin, right?

That might seem a bit harsh, considering the money spent on the evaluation process, but it's not that far from reality. That's why these knee-jerk grades are tough to do, and leave all of us who do them open to ridicule three years later.

That's the proper time needed to truly grade a draft, but since my bosses love these fast grades, and you all seem to like them, I present to you my 2016 NFL Draft Grades.

No team got an F. Call me Mr. Softy.

One team got an A+ grade, while two got As. The A+ grade goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who picked six defensive players and in the process served notice that they might compete for a division title.

No, they will.

The A grades went to the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. Both had outstanding weekends.

The lowest grades were C- grades given to the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans.

So eat them up, spit them out, print and copy. For some reason, I know these grades will come back and bite me in the butt in a few years.

Arizona Cardinals  

Best pick: Fourth-round center Evan Boehm will be a starter as a rookie. They needed help at the position in the worst way, and this is a kid who can step in and do the job.

Questionable move: Taking Robert Nkemdiche in the first round. I think it's a good move because he's a dominant player, but I could see it being questioned. The Cardinals have a nice support group to keep him in line.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round safety Marqui Christian played like a box safety in college, but he ran better 40 times than many scouts expected and could be used for more than just that.

Analysis: Their draft will depend on how well Nkemdiche plays. If he can stay out of trouble, he has a chance to be a star. The risk is worth it for the Cardinals. Adding Boehm is also a good move. Solid haul.

Grade: B

Atlanta Falcons  

Best pick: I love the pick of linebacker Deion Jones. He is the speed linebacker that they didn't take in the first round. Jones will be a nice run-and-chase player for the Falcons.

Questionable move: Taking safety Keanu Neal in the first round. I know they think Neal is Kam Chancellor 2.0, but is he good enough in coverage? That's my concern. I would have taken Darron Lee.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round linebacker De'Vondre Campbell is a player who has a lot of pass-rush ability. Some scouts thought he had second-day talent. He's a juco transfer so he's still learning to play the game. Love the pick.

Analysis: They needed to get faster on defense, and they did. I didn't love the Neal pick, but I get it. Getting Jones and Campbell will really help the defense. The only knock is no speed for the offense.

Grade: B

Baltimore Ravens 

Best pick: I love third-round pick Bronson Kaufusi. The defensive end out of BYU has a ton of athletic ability and can play down or up. The versatility will help the Ravens defense.

Questionable move: Passing on Mississippi tackle Laremy Tunsil to take Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Stanley is a move that will be watched closely the next few years. Stanley is a good player, but Tunsil is better, even if the character issues were there.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round tackle Alex Lewis is a tough guy who will step in and push for a spot on the line down the road. He did have some off-field issues.

Analysis: They had a lot of picks and added a lot of quality players. This is a team that needed young talent to restock the roster and they did a nice job of it. This is the Baltimore drafting we've come to expect.

Grade: B+

Buffalo Bills  

Best pick: Fifth-round running back Jonathan Williams from Arkansas has second-round talent. But he missed last season with a foot injury. He has skills.

Questionable move: I know they needed pass-rush help, but I am not a big fan of first-round pick Shaq Lawson. There is a tendency to over-draft pass rushers, and this could be a case of that.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round receiver Kolby Listenbee is a burner who can amp up the passing game. He was a 100-meter runner at TCU, which tells you he can fly. He's raw, but they have to love that ability to get down the field.

Analysis: If you love Lawson and second-round linebacker Reggie Ragland, this is a good draft. If you don't, and I don't, it's just OK. That's why I rate this as an average draft.

Grade: C

Carolina Panthers  

Best pick: Fifth-round corner Zack Sanchez is a perfect player for their zone schemes. He was a ball hawk at Oklahoma.

Questionable move: Using their first-round pick on defensive tackle Vernon Butler. That is a position of strength for this team. I know Dave Gettleman doesn't draft for need, but this is still strange.

Third-day gem: It's Sanchez. I really like his game. Oh, he was one of two third-day picks.

Analysis: It's hard to argue against Gettleman since he has had success, but I didn't like this draft at all. Butler is a good player, but he comes at a position where they are stacked. They took some risks with some of their other picks. I know questioning Gettleman can come back to make me look bad, but I will here again.

Grade: C-

Chicago Bears  

Best pick: Third-round pick Jonathan Bullard is a player who will start for a long time in this league. He plays hard, can play inside or outside, and was productive in college. The Bears got a good one.

Questionable move: Taking Leonard Floyd in the first round. I know they see him as an elite pass-rush prospect, but I don't see it. I think he's more of a Jamie Collins type of player.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round safety Deon Bush is a great pick. He is a player who can run and can hit. Sometimes he went too much for the big hit, but he can be a nice player in their defense.

Analysis: I really like what Ryan Pace did in this draft. It will be defined by what Floyd becomes, but the rest of the draft was loaded with really good players. Bullard will become the best player of the group. There are a lot of other talented players in this draft haul.

Grade: A

Cincinnati Bengals 

Best pick: Third-round pick Nick Vigil is a tough, hard-nosed player who will push for time right away. He will be a starter in 2017 for sure.

Questionable move: I like the pick of corner William Jackson as a player, but they drafted two corners in the first round in the past five years. That makes it a little questionable.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round defensive tackle Andrew Billings was considered a potential first-round pick. To get him in the fourth is good value. He can come in and take over when Domata Peko is done.

Analysis: The Bengals used to be the laughingstock of the scouting world. But they've upgraded that department and they continue to have really good drafts. This was another. They landed some good players who will contribute early on a roster loaded with talent.

Grade: B+

Cleveland Browns  

Best pick: Third-round pick Carl Nassib is a self-made player who has been compared to Jared Allen. He could be a big part of their revamped pass rush with Emmanuel Ogbah.

Questionable move: Using a third-round pick on Southern California quarterback Cody Kessler is really strange. I know Hue Jackson has ties to USC, but is he really worth a third-round pick?

Third-day gem: Fifth-round receiver Rashard Higgins from Colorado State is a polished player who should be able to come in and help the passing game.

Analysis: The Browns had 14 picks, thanks to a bunch of trade-downs, and they landed a lot of decent players. But this is a draft that will be defined by how well Carson Wentz plays for the Eagles since they traded out of the second spot with a chance to pick him. If he is great, this draft will be irrelevant. If he's not, the Browns win. There are some good players here to help the rebuild, but numbers aren't always the best thing if they don't pan out.

Grade: C-

Dallas Cowboys  

Best pick: I love third-round pick Maliek Collins, a defensive tackle from Nebraska. He is a penetrating tackle who will help the inside pass rush. He will end up being a steal.

Questionable move: Taking injured linebacker Jaylon Smith in the second round was a head shaker. He has nerve damage in his foot coming off a major knee injury. He probably won't play a down this year.

Third-day gem: Love the pick of quarterback Dak Prescott in the fourth round. They can develop him behind Tony Romo as a potential successor. Solid decision.

Analysis: I don't like taking backs high, so I ding the Cowboys for taking Ezekiel Elliott in the fourth spot, even if he's a good player. They also get two players -- Smith in the second and Prescott in the fourth -- who won't help right away. That's troubling. I did like some of their other picks, but not a great draft for me.

Grade: C-

Denver Broncos  

Best pick: I love the decision to trade up and get quarterback Paxton Lynch. He is a project of sorts, but he is a big, physical player and we know John Elway likes big quarterbacks. I like the aggressiveness of the move.

Questionable move: Even if I like the move, it's still one that will be questioned. Any time you take a passer in the first round it becomes the move to question. When you trade up to do it, even more so.

Third-day gem: Running back Devontae Booker is a great pick in the fourth round. The Broncos will start C.J. Anderson, but this kid can come in and spot him and get 10 carries a game.

Analysis: They made the big move up to get Lynch, which I like. He will take some time, but the talent is there. The rest of the draft was just solid. I do like third-round safety Justin Simmons.

Grade: B-

Detroit Lions  

Best pick: I was one who liked first-round tackle Taylor Decker more than Titans first-round pick Jack Conklin. The Lions needed help up front and Decker will solidify the right tackle spot.

Questionable move: Not taking a receiver at some point in the draft. Yes, they signed Marvin Jones to replace Calvin Johnson, but why not add a few more?

Third-day gem: Fifth-round pick Joe Dahl is a grinder who can be a rotation player in a year or two. He is battler who might be better suited to playing guard.

Analysis: The decision to address both lines was a smart one for Bob Quinn running his first draft. Decker and second-round pick A'Shawn Robinson could both be first-year starters. They also added center Graham Glasgow in the third round.

Grade: B-

Green Bay Packers  

Best pick: Second-round pick Jason Spriggs is an impressive tackle with a ton of athletic ability. He fits in with exactly what the Packers want from their lineman.

Questionable move: Waiting until the fifth round to draft a receiver. I know Jordy Nelson is coming back, but off a major knee surgery. They need more deep speed.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round defensive end Dean Lowry is a down end in their 3-4 scheme and will be a guy who makes the roster.

Analysis: I liked the pick of Kenny Clark in the first round and Spriggs in the second. Those are both vintage Ted Thompson picks. They needed help at linebacker and used two picks at that position, which was smart.

Grade: B

Houston Texans 

Best pick: I like second-round pick Nick Martin. The brother of Cowboys guard Zack Martin will likely be their starting center. He has also played some guard.

Questionable move: Taking first-round receiver Will Fuller in the first round. He can fly, but he's inconsistent. Josh Doctson might have been the better option.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round safety KJ Dillon was overshadowed playing next to Karl Joseph at times, but he is a talent. The Texans were said to love Joseph, so they must have spent a lot of time watching West Virginia tape to come to this pick.

Analysis: The Texans clearly drafted with an eye on getting new quarterback Brock Osweiler some help. In addition to Fuller, they also took Ohio State receiver Braxton Miller in the third round and back Tyler Ervin in the fourth.

Grade: B

Indianapolis Colts  

Best pick: It was first-round center Ryan Kelly. They had major issues inside the past few years and Kelly will help address those. Kelly is smart and tough.

Questionable move: Second-round defensive back T.J. Green, a converted receiver, is a raw prospect who has talent but will need seasoning. He might have been drafted a bit high, but that's nitpicky.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round pick Hassan Ridgeway is a big, powerful defensive tackle. The knock on him last season was injuries and conditioning. He needs to stay in shape, but the talent is there.

Analysis: I think the Colts nailed it in this draft. Ryan Grigson went the smart way and got guys in the trenches. The harmony in the Colts building came through loud and clear in this draft. They got a good haul.

Grade: A

Jacksonville Jaguars  

Best pick: It's second-round pick Myles Jack. Yes, he has the knee concerns. But he is the best player in this draft. The Jaguars made the move up to get him in the second round and it will pay off big.

Questionable move: Even though I like the Jack pick, it doesn't come without questions. His knee will be watched closely throughout his entire career -- however long it lasts.

Third-day gem: Defensive tackle Sheldon Day, taken in the fourth round, is a tough, penetrating lineman. They didn't have a great need for that spot, but the value was too great in the fourth

Analysis: They had to improve the defense and they used six of their seven picks on that side of the ball. That was smart. But they also landed top talent in first pick Jalen Ramsey and Jack. The rest of the board was solid as well.

Grade: A+

Kansas City Chiefs  

Best pick: Their first pick came in the second round, and they did a nice job with it taking Mississippi State defensive end Chris Jones. He is a big, powerful player who fits what the Chiefs want in their system.

Questionable move: Trading their first-round pick to San Francisco to get more picks. If they didn't love somebody there, I get it. But that's always risky.

Third-day gem: Corner D.J. White, a sixth-round pick, has a chance to earn a job as a nickel corner. It's doubtful he can play outside, but he has the tool set to play slot corner.

Analysis: They had nine picks and used them on three corners, which tells you they had a need. They also took two receivers. Jones was considered a talented player who didn't always play hard, but he is a good pick in the second.

Grade: B-

Los Angeles Rams  

Best pick: Making the move up to the top spot to land quarterback Jared Goff was a smart move. They had to land a franchise passer, and Goff was the best in this class

Questionable move: Fourth-round tight end Tyler Higbee has some talent, but he had a recent off-field issue that has to cloud this pick some. That situation is still pending. There's risk here.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round receiver Pharoh Cooper was a productive player in a good league. He has a chance to come in and play as the third receiver right away.

Analysis: They finally realized that without a quarterback, it doesn't matter. Moving to Los Angeles this season, they can now start with a franchise passer under center. That's big. It's bold. It's also risky. But it's the move they had to make.

Grade: B+

Miami Dolphins  

Best pick: They moved back form No. 8 to 13 in a trade with the Eagles earlier this offseason and still landed one of the top players in the draft in tackle Laremy Tunsil. Yes, he has some questions off the field but he is a dominant player.

Questionable move: Taking Tunsil is still a move that will be questioned. He will be watched closely in his first few years off the field.

Third-day gem: Sixth-round receiver Jakeem Grant is tiny, but he can fly. He might be able to add a speed threat to the offense, but especially as a return man.

Analysis: They landed four good players with their first four picks. In addition to Tunsil, they got corner Xavien Howard, running back Kenyan Drake and receiver Leante Carroo. That's a good haul for general manager Mike Tannenbaum and gang.

Grade: B+

Minnesota Vikings  

Best pick: It was their first pick, receiver Laquon Treadwell. They needed a big-play receiver. Treadwell, despite his lack of speed, is that guy.

Questionable move: Even though I like corner Mackensie Alexander, was it really a need? There is value there in the second round, but they picked a corner in the first round last year and they have a good one in Xavier Rhodes.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round linebacker Kentrall Brothers is a run-thumper who can play on the first two downs and help the run defense. He led the country in tackles last year at Missouri.

Analysis: The Vikings hit it right by getting Treadwell, and Alexander is a talent. Willie Beavers in the fourth round adds line depth and Brothers is a player who could make an immediate impact.

Grade: B-

New England Patriots  

Best pick: The Patriots love players who are versatile and nickel corner Cyrus Jones, their second-round pick, is also a great return man. I think he's a better cover player than most think.

Questionable move: Giving up their first-round pick in the Deflategate crap. If they were innocent as they say, why agree to forfeit the pick?

Third-day gem: Receiver Malcolm Mitchell out of Georgia can fly. They need deep speed and he can provide that. Consistency is the issue.

Analysis: They didn't have a first-round pick, but they did have a lot of picks and did a nice job with what they had. Jones and Mitchell bring some speed and third-round pick Joe Thuney adds depth to the line. Solid haul.

Grade: B-

New Orleans Saints  

Best pick: I loved their first-round choice of Louisville defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins. He will be a nice addition inside to a defense that needed help.

Questionable move: It would be easy to question them picking a kid out of a Canadian school, which they did in the fourth round with Manitoba's David Onyemata. But the Saints hit on Akiem Hicks, a kid out of Canada, a few years ago.

Third-day gem: Sixth-round pick Daniel Lascoe, a running back from Cal, was a productive runner and should come in and get spot duty as a rookie.

Analysis: They nailed their first-round pick with Rankins, and I like Michael Thomas in the second round, but the rest of the draft was just OK. If Vonn Bell can take over as one of the starters at safety, then the grade will be higher.

Grade: B-

New York Giants  

Best pick: I love second-round pick Sterling Shepard. The receiver out of Oklahoma comes in and immediately gives them another complement to Odell Beckham Jr.

Questionable move: Taking corner Eli Apple in the first round. He's a good player, but why not a linebacker? Taking a third corner is a luxury. They have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Janoris Jenkins.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round pick Paul Perkins is a perfect back for the game the way it's played today. He has wiggle, can catch the ball out of the backfield and will help amp up a running game that needs it.

Analysis: Even though I didn't love the Apple pick, Jerry Reese bounced back with some nice selections later. I liked Perkins and also linebacker B.J. Goodson in the fourth round. It was a nice weekend for the Giants.

Grade: B

New York Jets  

Best pick: For me, it was taking Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the second round. Contrary to most, I think he will become a quality starting quarterback.

Questionable move: It was taking Hackenberg. I get it. It's a questionable move, but no guts, no glory.

Third-day gem: Offensive lineman Brandon Shell. He was a four-year starter at South Carolina. Doing that in a good conference matters. He's a big, physical kid who might have to move to right tackle.

Analysis: If Hackenberg develops into a starting quarterback, which the Jets think he can, this will be a great draft. If he doesn't, it's a flop. It's that simple. Getting linebacker Darron Lee in the first was a nice choice.

Grade: B

Oakland Raiders  

Best pick: It was their first one. They landed a playmaking safety in Karl Joseph, who helps a position of need. He is coming off an ACL repair, but he has star ability.

Questionable move: Drafting Connor Cook in the fourth round -- and trading up to do it. Why? If Derek Carr stays on the field, he's a backup. What's the point?

Third-day gem: Fifth-round running back DeAndre Washington is a productive player who could fill a Darren Sproles-type role for the Raiders. He isn't a big back at 5-feet-8, but he is tough enough.

Analysis: The Raiders continued their recent success of having good drafts. I love their first three picks in Joseph and defensive ends Jihad Ward and Shilique Calhoun. They upgraded their defense in a big way.

Grade: B+

Philadelphia Eagles  

Best pick: Third-round pick Isaac Seumalo will come in and push for a starting job right away. He's a tough kid who will fight.

Questionable move: Trading all the picks they did to move up and take Carson Wentz will be questioned by a lot of people. I like the aggressive approach to fill a need, but if Wentz doesn't pan out, it will set the franchise back.

Third-day gem: Seventh-round corner Jalen Mills of LSU had much better talent than where he was picked. He could end up being a steal.

Analysis: Their entire draft will be defined by what Wentz becomes. If he's a star, it's a great draft. If not, it's a bad one. They love him. I don't. So time will tell. I do like the aggressive approach to make the move to get him.

Grade: B-

Pittsburgh Steelers  

Best pick: Second-round pick Sean Davis played corner last year for Maryland, but he needs to slide inside and play safety, which is where he played early in his career. Davis will be a star in the Steelers secondary.

Questionable move: Not making a move up to get one of the top corners. I like Artie Burns, but he can be a bit of a project. Moving up to get William Jackson would have been a better pick.

Third-day gem: Sixth-round pick Travis Feeney is a slender outside rusher who can fly. He does need to add some weight, but he has talent.

Analysis: I like that the Steelers addressed need in the secondary with their first two picks. They used five picks on defense, which they had to do. This was a nice group for Kevin Colbert. I love Davis, and Burns is talented.

Grade: B

San Diego Chargers  

Best pick: It's their first one in defensive end Joey Bosa. Tom Telesco loved him from way back in the fall, so he took him. Bosa will be a really good player for a long time. He might not be J.J. Watt, but he could be Justin Smith.

Questionable move: Waiting to take secondary help. They need a corner and lost safety Eric Weddle. Yet they didn't take one at all.

Third-day gem: Jatavis Brown, their fifth-round pick out of Akron, is a fast, athletic linebacker who will bring a pop. I love this pick.

Analysis: I like the Bosa pick and I think Max Tuerk in the third round was a nice pick. Second-round pick Hunter Henry, a tight end out of Arkansas, was also solid. It was a decent draft.

Grade: B

San Francisco 49ers  

Best pick: I will go with their first one, defensive end DeForest Buckner. This kid has star potential. To land him in the sixth overall spot is a good pick.

Questionable move: Taking corner Will Redmond in the third round is a risk because he is coming off a torn ACL. He has talent, but that makes it risky.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round corner Rashard Robinson has a ton of talent. He just couldn't stay on the field. He had off-field issues that led to suspensions at LSU. This could be a boom pick for the 49ers.

Analysis: I love the pick of Buckner in the first round, but the rest of the draft has major questions. There are some real gambles in this group and trading back up to the first round to get a guard is questionable.

Grade: C

Seattle Seahawks  

Best pick: Second-round defensive tackle Jarran Reed is a perfect Seahawks player. He is tough, fast and athletic. He is a perfect replacement for Brandon Mebane.

Questionable move: If they were going to take backs late, why use a third-round pick on C.J. Prosise? I like him as a player, but why not wait? What if Alex Collins, their fifth-round pick, beats him out?

Third-day gem: Collins. He put up big numbers at Arkansas and runs hard and tough. He would seem to be a perfect Seattle back.

Analysis: They had to get help on both lines, and they did. That was smart. I love the Reed pick. They also drafted a bunch of running backs to help replace Marsahwn Lynch. That was smart too. It was a decent haul for John Schneider.

Grade: B

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

Best pick: If second-round pick Noah Spence can stay out of trouble, he will contribute right away as a pass rusher. Spence has the bend around the corner that teams love.

Questionable move: Using a second-round pick on Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo. Yes, he's a good kicker. But he's a kicker. You don't pick kickers that high.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round corner Ryan Smith from North Carolina Central went to college as a 155-pound kid and now is 5-11, 190 pounds. He has some nice cover skills, according to scouts.

Analysis: Landing first-round corner Vernon Hargreaves and Smith helps fill a major need. I also like Spence. But this draft grade is dropped down by the move to trade up and get the kicker -- no matter how good he becomes.

Grade: C+

Tennessee Titans  

Best pick: Third-round safety Kevin Byard is a rangy safety who knows how to track the football. The way the game is played now, you need that style of safety.

Questionable move: Drafting Derrick Henry in the second round is a head-scratcher. Didn't they just trade for DeMarco Murray? What's the point?

Third-day gem: Fifth-round guard Sebastian Tretola from Arkansas is a road grader. In that scheme, you have to be. He's tough and will be good in the run game.

Analysis: Conklin will start, but I thought they had better options. I don't get the Henry pick at all and I don't like Kevin Dodd much in the second round. With a big haul of picks after moving down out of the top spot, I expected more.

Grade: C-

Washington Redskins  

Best pick: Third-round corner Kendall Fuller is a talented playmaker. If he doesn't hurt his knee last year, he goes a lot higher.

Questionable move: I like first-round receiver Josh Doctson, especially with DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon in the final years of their contracts, but there were other needs to address. That's why it's an interesting move.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round pick Matt Ionnidis, a defensive tackle out of Temple, is a run thumper who will help clog up things in the middle of the line.

Analysis: I like Doctson as a player, but did they really need that? They needed help at other spots. Cravens and Fuller fill needs. Scot McCloughan had a solid couple of days. Doctson could be a star.

Grade: B

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