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After leading the Jaguars' to one of the most stunning comebacks in NFL playoff history, Trevor Lawrence decided to celebrate the 31-30 win by going out to eat, only he didn't go to an expensive steak house or a fancy restaurant; nope, he went to America's favorite 24-hour breakfast spot: Waffle House. 

Before going to eat though, Lawrence made sure to shoot out a tweet that perfectly summed up Jacksonville's improbable win. 

Lawrence's tweet might be the most applicable usage of that meme in the history of that meme because the Chargers definitely had the Jaguars on the ropes in the first half. Before the game even got to the two-minute warning, the Jaguars were already trailing 27-0 and a big reason for that was because of Lawrence, who threw FOUR interceptions during the game's first two quarters. 

Lawrence's first half went couldn't have been much worse: The Jaguars QB completed just 10 of 24 passes for 77 yards and one touchdown to go along with those four picks. However, Lawrence rebounded in the second half, throwing for 211 yards and three touchdowns while almost registering a perfect QB rating (144.5). 

"You couldn't write a better script to win a game like that tonight, so it makes it more special, but don't want to do that again," Lawrence said after the game, via "Got to take care of the ball. That's where it starts."

Not only did Lawrence throw three touchdowns in the second half, but he also led a 61-yard drive that set up Riley Patterson's game-winning field from 36 yards away as time expired. The 27-point comeback by the Jaguars was the third-largest in NFL playoff history. 

After taking a couple of hours to digest the win, Lawrence apparently decided he also wanted to digest some waffles, which is how he ended up at Waffle House. 

The best part of Lawerence's Waffle House visit is that Jaguars fans were cheering for him as he walked into the restaurant. 

While at the restaurant, Lawrence's wife, Marissa, also took some video of the visit. Although it's not clear if Trevor had any waffles, it does appear that he celebrated Jacksonville's win with a nice hot cup of Waffle House coffee. 

Lawrence might want to start Googling Waffle House locations in Kansas City, because that's where the Jaguars will likely be headed next. If the Bills and Bengals both win on Sunday -- both teams are heavy favorites -- then the Jags will be facing the Chiefs next week in the divisional round. If they pull off the upset in that game, the entire team might want to go ahead and celebrate at Waffle House.