The Oakland Raiders might want to start utilizing Johnny Townsend in a few different ways. The Raiders punter took a fake punt 42 yards against the Chargers in the first quarter on Sunday, and he looked like a natural runner doing it. Townsend broke outside and had the Raiders' second-longest run of the season, only trailing a 52-yard carry from Marshawn Lynch.

Townsend absolutely GOES.

If you're someone who doesn't run the ball naturally, running the ball is a terrifying prospect. As it turns out, Townsend has a phenomenal fight or flight instinct. In his run, he reached a top speed of 20.48 mph, according to NFL Next Gen Stats.

If you're wondering how ridiculously fast that is, that's faster than the top speeds reached by Saints running back Alvin Kamara and Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt's this season. 

One of the only things better than a fat-man touchdown is a special-teams sprinter. Townsend deserves a lot of credit for that break outside, and despite another Raiders loss, at least there's a highlight to go with it.

Jon Gruden is probably wondering if Townsend can rush the passer now. It couldn't hurt to try at this point in the season for the 1-8 Raiders.