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After Further Review: In Super Bowl poker game, Josh Norman has a tell

Man coverage of zone? Just watch Josh Norman's hands pre-snap. The Panthers corner has a tell that Peyton Manning and the Broncos WRs will exploit.

NFL Power Rankings: Jets take a dive, Panthers jump back to top spot

Here are Pat Kirwan's final Power Rankings of the regular season, with a familiar team back on top.

Six for Sunday: Spoilers, Rex's revenge and fourth-quarter trouble

Here's what you need to know heading into the final day of regular-season football, including teams looking to play spoiler, Rex Ryan going for a revenge win, playoff teams with fourth-quarter issues and more.

NFL Power Rankings: Jets fly into the top six, Cardinals take top spot

There's a new No. 1 in the Power Rankings after the Panthers fall in Atlanta. And the Jets are on the rise while the Pats and Steelers fall.

Six for Sunday: Backups in big spots, Panthers' defense showing cracks

Backup QBs continue to make their marks and some, like AJ McCarron, will have a major impact on the playoff races. No. 2 seeds are still up for grabs, and more.

NFL Power Rankings: Don't get too comfortable with this top 10

Get ready for chaos over the next two weeks as eight of the top 10 teams play each other over the last two games of the season.

Six for Sunday: Why losing to the Giants might help the 13-0 Panthers

Pressure to stay unbeaten is mounting in Carolina, where a loss might actually help in the long term; the MVP race is down to three players; and more.

NFL Power Rankings: Bengals take a huge hit with loss of Andy Dalton

It's been a volatile season in the Power Rankings, but the Bengals losing Andy Dalton with three weeks to go is a huge blow, especially with the Steelers picking up serious steam.

Six for Sunday: Expect more tight games, missed PATs and bad calls

As more teams look to clinch playoff berths in Week 14, expect the trend of close games, extra-point attempts and questionable officiating calls to continue.

NFL Power Rankings: Chaos reigns as Saints, Bucs, Bills make big jumps

The NFL playoff picture? Fluid entering Week 14. Expect chaos to reign the final four weeks of the season.

Six for Sunday: NFL's concussion problem, refs walking on eggshells

How much will Big Ben's stepping up his concussion affect the rank-and-file players around the league? NFL officials are frustrated and feel like they are walking on eggshells. And which teams will make a playoff push in Week 13?

NFL Power Rankings: Panthers take over top spot, but can they hold it?

The Carolina Panthers have finally taken over the top spot from the Patriots, but holding on to it is the next challenge.

Six for Sunday: Patriots short on weapons, Bucs look playoff worthy

Tom Brady is 2-5 in games at Denver and the Patriots' offense is running low on offensive weapons. Can they keep the streak going? Three teams that look playoff worthy? The Seahawks, Texans and ... Bucs.

NFL Power Rankings: Panthers are dominating, Bengals will be fine

Same old Bengals? Hardly. While Cincinnati drops in this week's Power Rankings after a tough loss at Arizona, the fight that Andy Dalton and the rest of the Bengals put up in that failed comeback was impressive.

Six for Sunday: More backup QBs playing, how Pats replace Edelman

A lot of teams are counting heavily on backup QBs and history says that's not a good thing. The Patriots' QB is fine, but how will they replace Julian Edelman?

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