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Many NFL players over the years have taken umbrage with media members deciding their most significant awards. The NFLPA seems to have taken notice, as later this month it is set to introduce an All-Pro team voted on by NFL players called the "Players' All-Pro" team, according to NFL Network

Under the "Players' All-Pro" team rules, players can vote for those at their position and the ones they line up against, such as offensive linemen voting for defensive linemen or wide receivers voting for cornerbacks. Voting is already underway and runs through Jan. 4. The selections will be revealed on Jan. 11. 

Media members currently comprise the majority of the 50-person panel responsible for voting on awards such as the NFL's All-Pro team and AP Most Valuable Player.

"For too long, we as NFL players have allowed everyone else to define the best of us. That ends now," NFLPA president J.C. Tretter wrote in an email to players, per the NFL Network.

The Players' All-Pro team will likely be similar to the annual NFL Top 100 list the players vote on. Last year, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ranked No. 1 with Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Rams receiver Cooper Kupp and Colts running back Jonathan Taylor joining him in the top five. All five of those players made the All-Pro team for that season as well.