The saga involving Alvin Kamara and his role in the Las Vegas fight last year is almost over. Kamara pleaded no contest to a lesser misdemeanor charge from the Vegas altercation, dismissing his felony charge as a result of the no contest plea, his attorney said on Tuesday. 

Kamara will have to do community service and pay $100,000 to victim for medical bills stemming for the bar fight. He was arrested in February 2022 for battery resulting in substantial bodily harm following a nightclub incident, hours after the 2022 Pro Bowl. 

His attorneys issued a statement that read: "Alvin is pleased that this matter is behind him and looks forward to a successful NFL season."

With the no contest plea, the legal side of the incident is handled. Kamara is now subject to NFL punishment (per CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones). The league, which released a statement on Tuesday, is expected to review the incident.

"We have been closely monitoring all developments in the matter which remains under review,'' the league said.

A trial was originally set for July 31 after Kamara pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit battery and substantial bodily harm charges during a court appearance in Clark County (Nevada) in March. Kamara was indicted with three other defendants.

The indictment surrounded Kamara, Bengals cornerback Chris Lammons and the two other men, Percy Harris and Darrin Young. According to police, Kamara and his group assaulted the victim, Darnell Greene, at Drai's nightclub at around 6:30 a.m. PT on Feb. 5. Kamara and the other defendants were arrested on Feb. 6 and the official indictment came down on Feb. 16. 

Per the initial police report, Greene told police that he was waiting for an elevator inside The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino alongside the alleged assailants. When Greene tried to enter the elevator, he claims that Kamara would not allow him, and the running back allegedly put his hands on Greene's chest. After Greene pushed Kamara's hand off him, the group started to kick and punch him. 

The police report also says that authorities have possession of surveillance video that verifies Greene's account of what happened (TMZ obtained the video, which you can see it here). The video shows all four suspects, including Kamara, attacking him.  

Along with this grand jury indictment, Greene, who, among other injuries, suffered an orbital fracture on his right eye, also filed a civil lawsuit against Kamara back in October. The lawsuit, which sought $10 million in damages, stated that Greene never fought back. 

Kamara now awaits a decision from the NFL on whether he'll be suspended in 2023 -- and for how long if a punishment is handed down.