Patrick Mahomes isn't going to question the Kansas City Chiefs' desire to stay great. The Chiefs have won 64 games over the last five seasons and made the conference championship game in each season during that stretch, winning two Super Bowls and three AFC championships. 

There's no reason to doubt Kansas City losing its edge, especially after two Super Bowl titles over the last four seasons. Mahomes used Travis Kelce's infamous training camp punch as reasoning why he's not worried about Kansas City getting complacent. 

"I think we all have it. We have a lot of guys out here that are super competitive, but it's about just doing it the right way," Mahomes said. "Trav (Travis Kelce) punching the guy, not necessarily the way you want to do it, but you love the fire. You love the fire on both sides of the ball."

Kelce threw a punch at the end of a Mahomes touchdown pass during Saturday's training camp practice. He received a late hit from Jack Cochrane and then proceeded to punch him. After a bit of shoving between the two, the Chiefs players moved forward.

The punch went viral on social media, but Kelce responded to the incident regardless. 

Even for a future Hall of Fame tight end, Mahomes can see the drive and desire to win is still there. While Kelce wants to be a better leader, he inadvertently led by example in a moment he's probably not proud of.  

"Trying to finish to the last second, but that's just the type of guys we are," Mahomes said. "We're going to compete, we're going to argue on the football field, and then we're going to love each other in the locker room. 

"We have a lot of dudes that are super competitive on this team."