Odell Beckham has an ankle injury. Beyond that, information has been spotty. 

There have been reports that Beckham might have to miss the Giants' season-opening game against the Dallas Cowboys, but nothing firm. Coach Ben McAdoo will only say that Beckham has "an ankle." That's not much information. 

Now, though, we have a report about how Beckham is treating the injury. According to legendary NFL personnel man and NFL.com contributor Gil Brandt, Becham is getting laser treatments out in Phoenix. 

Thera-Lase's website touts its ability to "offer quick relief from inflammation, reduce pain fast, and accelerate healing." The process involves delivering "concentrated laser-light energy to the cellular level of the body" to reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing rate.

Apparently, Beckham is trying to recover from a serious injury quicker than one usually might, meaning the reports of him potentially missing Week 1 might not be too far off base.