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The Dolphins' Week 6 matchup with the Panthers on Sunday proved entertaining for many reasons: Bryce Young leading Carolina to a surprising early lead, Tyreek Hill dominating to help Miami score 35 unanswered points, and even a punter throwing a headbutt.

Wait, what? You heard it right: After booting the ball to Miami with 9:55 left in the game, Panthers punter Johnny Hekker was flagged for unnecessary roughness thanks to a post-play skirmish with Dolphins linebacker Cameron Goode. The latter appeared to give Hekker a light shove as they made their way to the sideline, and Hekker responded with a push of his own. After some face-to-face jawing, the punter knocked his helmet into Goode's, and the linebacker did his best to sell the contact, flopping to the grass.

Hekker put his hands up after the incident, probably surprised at Goode's acting. And ultimately his penalty didn't hurt as much as it could've, with Miami getting called for an offsetting defensive holding penalty on the same play.

Still, he and the Panthers couldn't keep up on Sunday, with the Dolphins marching toward a 5-1 start.