NFL: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles
Bill Streicher / USA TODAY Sports

PHILADELPHIA -- There's nothing that surprises Jalen Hurts' teammates when the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback breaks off an electric run or makes a throw only the best quarterbacks in the NFL can convert. Perhaps the Eagles' front office didn't know initially how good QB1 could be, but plenty of his playmakers saw performances like Sunday night coming.

At this point, anything Hurts does on the football field doesn't even awe his teammates. They know how good Hurts is -- and how much better he's getting week in and week out. 

"I think he's gonna go off every time he steps on the field. Every week," Eagles running back Boston Scott said of his quarterback. "I love watching him play. I love watching him run. It's business as usual for him." 

Hurts put up a massive night for the Eagles in Sunday's 40-33 shootout victory over the Green Bay Packers, throwing for 153 yards and rushing for 157 in a performance that will go down as one of the best in franchise history. The Eagles' quarterback also went 16 of 28 and threw for two touchdown passes, becoming the first player in NFL history to throw for 150 yards and two touchdowns, and rush for 150 yards in a regular season game (Colin Kaepernick accomplished the feat prior to Hurts, but that was in the postseason -- also against the Packers). 

Hurts paced an Eagles offense that put up 500 total yards and rushed for a whopping 363 yards on the night -- the second-highest total in the 90-year history of the franchise. He set an Eagles quarterback rushing record with his 157 yards on the ground, the fifth-highest total in a game in league history (regular season or postseason). 

"That's a natural gift he has. What did he have today? 150, something like that? That's crazy," Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown said regarding Hurts' performance. "That's a record? He did an amazing job." 

One of Hurts' two touchdown passes was to Brown, who caught a six-yard strike from his quarterback to give Philadelphia a commanding 34-20 lead midway through the third quarter. Brown, still feeling the lingering affects from an illness suffered earlier in the week, finished with four catches for 46 yards and a score. 

That illness wasn't a burden knowing Hurts had his back running the football. That's the game-breaking mentality Hurts provides to the Eagles' offense. 

"He took it upon himself, saw an opportunity for himself to create plays with his legs," Brown said. "He did that all night." 

Hurts couldn't even answer why he had has many rushing yards as he did. He rushed for 103 yards in the first quarter, the first quarterback to rush for 100 yards in any quarter in league history. There wasn't any shock from his point of view either.

"I ran," Hurts said. "And they couldn't get me." 

The evolution of Hurts has been one of the top stories in the NFL this season. He's the fourth quarterback in league history to throw for 2,500 yards and rush for 500 yards through his team's first 11 games, while ranking third in the NFL in passer rating (105.6) and being one of just four players with 25 combined touchdowns (Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow are the others). 

On pace for 3,956 passing yards, 923 rushing yards, and 28 combined touchdowns, there's little for Hurts to prove in terms of whether he's a franchise quarterback or the long-term solution for the Eagles. Hurts is a top-five quarterback this year and has all the intangibles to stay in that conversation for a long time. 

Sunday night was Hurts at his best. That's becoming a weekly thing. The Eagles quarterback isn't just must-see TV for his position, but he's playing at an incredible level and winning games in the process. 

This is just the beginning. 

"He's a winner, Scott said. "His poise is what stands out to me. I often forget how young he is. That's crazy for me to say, because of how he carries himself. 

"I'm proud of that dude man. I've been watching him do his thing ever since he stepped foot in the building. I'm happy for him. I'm glad to see him balling."