The Houston Texans are starting a new season, and their star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, is starting a new relationship.

Or at least that's what Australian rapper Iggy Azalea hinted at this week.

Azalea first began flirting with Hopkins through Instagram comments during Texans training camp, once telling a fan, according to People, that she and Hopkins are "indeed" a couple. The 28-year-old entertainer, who broke off an engagement to NBA player Nick Young in 2016, then went on Miami's Y100 radio station Tuesday and claimed "we're in a relationship" when asked point-blank whether the two are together.

Hopkins, a two-time Pro Bowler, doesn't seem to agree. If the two ever were dating, they aren't anymore, according to him.

"Ya'll know I can care less about social media," he tweeted Thursday, "but ya boi is SINGLE!"

Welp. That about does that. And curiously enough, Azalea has since contradicted her own claims, joining Hopkins in proclaiming her singleness on Twitter.

So either they dated for a few days or Iggy imagined they dated for a few days or they are actually dating and are just playing all of us on social media. It's very confusing. Whatever is the case, it's probably best to save your custom "Azalea" Texans jerseys for another time.Β