Bijan Robinson is still more than five months away from his first NFL game. He's also already my RB1 overall in Dynasty and the fourth-most valuable player in my one-quarterback Dynasty trade chart below. And that's closer to consensus than you might imagine. 

As a prospect, Robinson is already approaching legendary status. He just turned 21 years old, he's coming off a 1,900-yard, 20-touchdown season at Texas, and he ran a 4.46 40-yard dash at 215 pounds, which gives him a size-speed score in the 89th percentile among all running back prospects. Robinson has shown the ability to thrive in the passing game, even succeeding on downfield routes, the types that can distinguish an elite Fantasy running back from a great one. But it's not just about Robinson, it's also about the position as a whole.

Jonathan Taylor is the only back I'd really consider over Robinson right now, and at 24 years old his window for production is probably half of that of Robinson. If we knew for sure that Shane Steichen was going to use Taylor like he was used in 2021 (21.9 touches per game), I would feel better about putting Taylor ahead of Robinson, but there's also the concern that Taylor might just be on a bad offense for a while. 

The other two backs in the top 12 below are Breece Hall and Kenneth Walker. Neither is near as good a prospect as Robinson, both are at least a year older, and Hall is recovering from a torn ACL and may not be 100% by Week 1. 

It's possible that Robinson's landing spot or draft capital is disappointing enough that he falls in post-draft rankings, but he won't fall far. As Taylor showed us a few years ago, a truly elite running back prospect isn't going to be held back by a mediocre landing spot or too much competition for touches.

Before I leave you to peruse the rest of the chart, a couple of reminders. This is for a one-QB PPR league. If you're in a SuperFlex league, give a boost of 20 points to the value of the quarterbacks. Also, be wary of using this for two-for-one or bigger deals. I would charge a minimum 10% surcharge if you're giving up the best player in the deal and I would boost that to 20% if someone is trying to do a three-for-one deal. Finally, there is no such thing as a trade chart that accurately assesses contenders and rebuilders at the same time. If you're rebuilding, boost the value of picks and young players, particularly receivers and quarterbacks. If you're contending, boost the value of veterans and running backs.

Here is the updated trade chart: