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Taylor Swift has millions of adoring fans who celebrated her birthday by listening to their favorite songs on Wednesday. As it turns out, the Brooklyn Nets were not among them.

On Swift's 34th birthday, the Nets social media team created a prompt asking the players to name their favorite song of hers. Most of them had trouble naming a single Swift tune, and a couple of them might even suffer the Swifties' wrath as a result.

Day'Ron Sharpe might have made the biggest misstep of them all by saying, "Nobody listens to Taylor Swift, bruh."

Spencer Dinwiddie took a more diplomatic approach when confronted with his lack of Swift knowledge by offering a sincere apology to her most rabid fans.

"I don't know none, but no disrespect though," Dinwiddie said. "I know she's like the biggest pop star on the planet, so Swifties don't kill me."

Sharpe and Dinwiddie were among many Nets who could not think of their favorite Swift song -- or a Swift song at all -- but a couple did have some success. Dennis Smith Jr. was able to come through with "Bad Blood," and Noah Clowney even sang some of "You Belong With Me."

It seems like the Nets won't be in the market for tickets the next time Swift brings her tour through New York.