After losing 4-1 to the mighty Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals earlier this month, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking for ways to upgrade their squad this offseason. 

Since the news broke that Paul George won't be returning to the Pacers after next season, the Cavs have been involved in trade talks with the Pacers to acquire the All-Star, with the most recent proposed deal including the Nuggets as a third team

Given their roster situation, any trade will be tough for the Cavs to pull off without parting ways with a player like, say, Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving. Cleveland has championship aspirations and is probably not interested in any lateral moves. It's seeking a big upgrade to compete with Golden State. 

With that said, the Cavs could return to the buyout bin, which is where they picked up Andrew Bogut (though he played just one minute for them) and Deron Williams last season. This summer, however, the talent pool could be much deeper, as veterans Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony are candidates to be bought out.

Wade is now in a rebuilding situation in Chicago after the Jimmy Butler trade, and it appears as if Phil Jackson would prefer to start next season without Anthony on the Knicks roster. Neither has been bought out yet (nothing seems imminent in either situation), but if one of them is sent packing by their current team, they could head to Northeast Ohio. Via ESPN:

ESPN's Brian Windhorst subsequently said in an NBA on ESPN Radio interview Thursday night that both Anthony and the Bulls' Dwyane Wade are candidates to sign with the Cavaliers in free agency this summer if they can secure buyouts from Chicago and New York, respectively.

LeBron James is close with both Wade and Anthony, going on vacation with them two summers ago, which lead to the famous banana boat picture

Aside from the friendship, though, both players -- Anthony, especially -- would give the Cavaliers a boost of talent as they try to reclaim the title next season. It may not be enough to beat the brilliant Warriors, but adding one of Wade or Anthony would certainly be the easiest way for the Cavaliers to get better without trading one of their core pieces.