Update: The Heat issues an apology Thursday regarding the incident, cementing this as the most ridiculous story of the week. And this is the NBA we're talking about, here. From the Heat:

Last night at our game, our PA Announcer had a momentary lapse of judgment and used a poor choice of words in describing Amar’e Stoudemire’s fouling out of the game. This is not who we are as an organization or who he is as an announcer. Both the Miami HEAT and Michael Baiamonte apologize to Amar’e and the New York Knicks for the inappropriate choice of words.


Exit stage left. In dramatic fashion. 

New York Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire had an eventful conclusion to his first round playoff series against the Miami Heat.

Stoudemire fouled out of Game 5 with a little less than five minutes to go, with the Heat holding a double-digit lead. He was whistled for a charge while bowling over Heat forward Shane Battier as he attacked the rim for a dunk that was whistled off.

As Battier lay on the ground, Stoudemire extended his right hand, as if to help him up, but then pulled back the offer as soon as Battier reached for his hand. Rather than grab air, the Heat forward tugged on Stoudemire's shorts to help pull himself up. Stoudemire then walked away as if nthing happened.

The scene led noted connoisseur of class and TNT analyst Reggie Miller to wonder: "He puts his hand down like he wants to help him up and then takes it away, what is up with that?" 

Speaking of "What is up with that?" the Heat's public address announcer decided to have a little extra fun with Stoudemire's ejection. As the customary "Hit the road, Jack" song serenaded Stoudemire on his way back to the Knicks bench, Miami P.A. man Mike Biamonte said: "Offensive foul on the Knicks. Amar'e Stoudemire. That's his sixth. He has been extinguished from the game."

The reference, obviously, was to an incident following Miami's Game 2 win over New York in which Stoudemire badly lacerated his left hand by punching a fire extinguisher. Stoudemire sat out Game 3 but returned for New York's final two games.

Deadspin.com posted isolated audio of the call for your amusement.

Miami went on to win Game 5, 106-94, to take the Eastern Conference first round playoff series 4-1.