Not every prospect list is suitable for every need.

If you're just dipping your toe in the Dynasty waters or play in a league that goes only knee-deep into prospect pool, my top 100 prospects may be the only resource you need. You could maybe check out our prospect-only mock drafts for good measure.

But what if your Dynasty league goes deeper than that? And what if it's already well established? What if all the biggest prospects are already distributed and you just want to know about the newcomers to the pool?

That's why I have these first-year player rankings to highlight the best from the latest draft and international free agent class. Not even one-third of these names are featured in my top 100 prospects, so it's your chance to learn about somebody new.

Happy hunting.

1. Jack Leiter, SP, Rangers
Age: 21  
His polish is evident as the son of a major-leaguer and a product of the vaunted Vanderbilt program, making him as close to a sure thing as pitching prospects get.

2. Marcelo Mayer, SS, Red Sox
Age: 19
Between his barrel control, plate discipline and all-around hitting instincts, not to mention the Corey Seager comps, Mayer stands out as the most projectable of the four big shortstops from last year's draft.

3. Jordan Lawlar, SS, Diamondbacks
Age: 19
The floor may be slightly lower than Mayer, but the polish is nonetheless comparable for Lawlar, who's also athletic enough to steal bases.

4. Kahlil Watson, SS, Marlins
Age: 18
Another teenage shortstop who's remarkably skilled for his age, Watson may have slipped to 16th in last year's draft, but he was in the conversation for No. 1.

5. Brady House, SS, Nationals
Age: 18
There's a slightly bigger gap here than between the three shortstops preceding him, but House's power may be the best singular skill of any of them.

6. Henry Davis, C, Pirates
Age: 22  
The No. 1 pick in last year's draft has the misfortune of being a catcher, which brings with it all kinds of trouble in Dynasty leagues, but his power and plate discipline should be worth that trouble.

7. Colton Cowser, OF, Orioles
Age: 22
The fifth pick last year already makes for a reasonable Michael Brantley facsimile but still has time to add the strength and loft needed to be a middle-of-the-order force.

8. Seiya Suzuki, OF, Cubs
Age: 27
When stars from Asia go stateside, it's generally boom or bust, but Suzuki brings with him incredible plate discipline and an uppercut swing well suited for the American game.  

9. Jackson Jobe, SP, Tigers
It's not so common for high school pitchers to be drafted third overall anymore, but Jobe's slider is already so developed that you can't help but fantasize about the upside.

10. Sal Frelick, OF, Brewers
Age: 21
There may not be a superstar outcome here, but Frelick has a projectable path, offering stress-inducing speed and the contact skills to make it stick.

11. Trey Sweeney, SS, Yankees
Age: 21
The 20th pick in last year's draft knows how to work the count and maximize his power from the left side, which should make him a good fit for Yankee Stadium someday.  

12. Harry Ford, C, Mariners
Age: 19
High school catchers are even less projectable than high school pitchers, but it's Ford's offensive profile that stands out, bolstered by an optimal combination of athleticism and skill.

13. James Triantos, 2B, Cubs
Age: 19  
An early contender for surprise of the draft, this second-rounder looks like the complete package offensively, making regular hard contact with surprising over-the-fence power.    

14. Cristhian Vaquero, OF, Nationals
Age: 17
A physical specimen with a projectable frame and speed to spare, Vaquero's ultimate ceiling is the highest of the international class, giving him a chance at a superstar outcome.

15. Roderick Arias, SS, Yankees
Age: 17
Youth and inexperience make these international signees inherently boom or bust, but Arias' approach and pitch recognition stand out from the crowd.

16. Matt McLain, SS, Reds
Age: 22
With impressive bat-to-ball skills, McLain is notable more for his floor than ceiling, and it's unclear whether he'll offer enough power to become an impact player in Fantasy.

17. James Wood, OF, Padres
Age: 19
He stands as tall as Aaron Judge at 6-feet-7 and has the power to match, but the trick will be whether Wood can cover all quadrants of the strike zone.

18. Jay Allen, OF, Reds
Age: 19
He's turning his attention to baseball after excelling at multiple sports in high school and looked surprisingly polished in his pro debut, keeping the strikeouts at a minimum while flashing power and speed.

19. Benny Montgomery, OF, Rockies
Age: 19
The tools are tantalizing for this freak athlete, particularly with the promise of Coors Field in his future, but his swing is hinky to the point of possibly needing a complete overhaul.

20. Gavin Williams, SP, Guardians
Age: 22
Standing an imposing 6-foot-6 with a fastball that pushes triple digits, Williams put up big strikeout numbers in his final year of college. The Guardians know how to make pitching talent play up.

21. Gunnar Hoglund, SP, Athletics (traded by the Blue Jays)
Age: 22
His collegiate career ended with Tommy John surgery, but his three-pitch mix and pinpoint control should give Hoglund a projectable path if he makes a full recovery.

22. Andrew Painter, SP, Phillies
Age: 18
Painter has a long path ahead with many potential pitfalls, but the 6-foot-7 righty already has four quality pitches and the ability to locate all of them, which should limit the growing pains.

23. Sam Bachman, SP, Angels
Age: 22
Bachman's fastball and slider are both so good that he could probably make it as a reliever already, but the Angels would rather him develop a third pitch, sort of like the Marlins with Max Meyer. 

24. Ricardo Cabrera, SS, Reds
Age: 17
The power projection isn't as clear for Cabrera as it is for Cristian Vaquero and Roderick Arias, but he has an advanced approach, uses the whole field and is getting stronger.

25. Will Bednar, SP, Giants
Age: 21
With his three-pitch arsenal and workhorse build, the hero of the College World Series is unlikely to wind up in relief, like his brother David with the Pirates.

26. Ty Madden, SP, Tigers
Age: 22
Madden has a well-developed arsenal and earns high marks for raw stuff and command, but his inability to pitch up in the zone may limit his upside in the modern game.

27. Zack Gelof, 3B, Athletics
Age: 22 
He may lack a standout tool, but what the second-rounder does have could play up thanks to his approach, a la Jonathan India.

28. Chase Petty, SP, Reds (traded by the Twins)
Age: 18 
Petty's fastball is double-plus, peaking at 102 mph already, but the downside to hitting those marks in high school is the increased injury risk. He shows the makings of a dominant slider, too.

29. Ryan Cusick, SP, Athletics (traded by the Braves)
Age: 22
Cusick's fastball has also reached 102 mph, albeit in college rather than high school, but his secondary arsenal still needs work, making it possible the 6-foot-6 righty winds up in relief..

30. Jackson Merrill, SS, Padres
Age: 18
Other high school shortstop picks like the White Sox's Colson Montgomery or the Athletics' Max Muncy could just as easily fill this spot, because at this stage of their development, who knows? But Merrill recently unlocked more potential by adding 30 pounds of muscle.