LeBron played a solid game, but failed late for the Heat. (Getty Images)

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was.

Tom Thibodeau I'm not sure I've seen a game so masterfully managed this season. Thibodeau handled his rotations beautifully, matched the Heat step-by-step and made tough calls like sitting his MVP and benching Joakim Noah for almost the entire second half in favor of his stellar interior bench guys. Thibodeau has his work cut out for him in figuring out how to produce four of these games against the Heat in a series, especially in that he has to get Derrick Rose right and integrated back into the ball movement oriented offense the Bulls have lived off of without him. But for a night, Thibodeau coached maybe the best game of the season. 
Chicago's Bench Holy cow, look at the raw plus/minus numbers. C.J. Watson was a +38 in an overtime game. Kyle Korver a +24. Taj Gibson a +28. Omer Asik a +20. The Bulls had a clear edge over Miami and it was in the form of their bench. Chicago's second unit put up 47 points and 21 rebounds. The starters had 49 points and 24 boards. The easy narrative is that LeBron and the Heat choked away a game. But the real story is that the Bulls bench just completely obliterated the Heat. 
Dwyane Wade The Bulls had a solid chance to put this game away the final four minutes of regulation, but Wade came alive. He hit an impossible jumper, a ridiculous lefty running layup and then another fading jumpshot in the paint. To that point, he was average, but Wade rose to the occassion in a key stretch to give the Heat a shot. 
LeBron James LeBron went for 30. He played a very good game. But as is the case, all anyone will remember is his 0-4 finish, which included a key miss from the free throw line with an opportunity to close the door on the Bulls. He attempted two shots in over -- a forced layup and a desperation 3 with Miami down 10. Erik Spoelstra turned him into a point guard for nearly the entire second half, forcing LeBron away from his own offense.

But there's no denying that he didn't play well in the big moments. I know that's the easy story, but what can you really say? After LeBron hit a big 3 -- which it was, a really big shot -- he scored a single point and missed the opportunity to close the Bulls.
Miami's Supporting Cast While the Bulls bench turned in an inspirational effort, Miami's scored seven total points. Shane Battier was a -30. Mike Miller was 1-of-9. Blame LeBron, blame Bosh, blame whoever, but it's kind of hard to carry the load completely against a team as good as Chicago when the supporting cast gives you nothing
Derrick Rose It's obvious he just doesn't have it right now. He's not entirely back in shape and missing 23 games appears to have caught up with him. That's the very real truth. But at the same time, Rose's 1-of-13 performance for two points ( a career-low) brought out the other thing -- he doesn't perform well against the Heat. He did so poorly in this game that Tom Thibodeau actually sat him with 49 seconds left with the Bulls down two in favor of C.J. Watson. Think about that. Rose was so bad that he was benched the final minute of a one possession game.

Thibodeau saw it. The ball movement went to die when Rose was on the floor and the Bulls stalled into a isolation show with a wounded star. It wasn't working at all.

Again, this appears to be an outlier because of Rose's conditioning and health. But at the same time, there's got to be a funny taste in the Bulls' mouths after this one.