This is just weird. 

So there was supposd to be this conference call for a Shane Battier golf tournament charity thing, right? Media were sent the PR release, got the call-in info, etc. Then Friday morning, last minute, there's an announcement that the call has been postponed, because Erik Spoelstra has called for a practice during that time. OK, well, they obviously need the work. No big deal.

But then it turns out ... the Heat aren't practicing. Or speaking to media. At all.


Things are not good for the Heat. Dwyane Wade is yelling at his coach, and acting like a jerk according to Gregg Doyel. LeBron James is missing free throws and having Lance Stephenson give him the choke sign, while disappearing entirely. The team is down 2-1, Chris Bosh won't be back anytime soon, Game 4 is Sunday, and the Pacers smell blood in the water. 

And there are weird things going internally.