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After his team won the 2022 World Cup, Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez took some time to troll France superstar Kylian Mbappé on multiple occasions. Now, Mbappé has respond to Martinez's taunting.

While Argentina was celebrating its World Cup title in the locker room, Martinez paused the festivities to hold a moment of silence for Mbappé. Days later, during Argentina's championship parade, Martinez carried around a baby doll with the face of Mbappé pasted onto it.

Following Paris Saint-Germain's 2-1 win over Strasbourg on Wednesday, Mbappé was asked about Martinez's antics. Mbappé said he isn't worried about what Martinez is doing, but he is excited to have PSG teammate Lionel Messi back in 2023.

"The celebrations, they're not my problem," Mbappé said, according to The Guardian. "I don't waste any energy on such futile things. What's important for me is to give the best of myself for my club, and we're looking forward for Leo [Messi] to return to continue scoring and winning matches."

Messi is flying back to be with PSG on New Year's Day, and Martinez has already returned to Aston Villa after Argentina's prolonged celebration. Aston Villa manager Unai Emery has said that he will speak with Martinez about some of his actions after the World Cup.

France's loss in the World Cup Final did not fall on Mbappé, as devastating as it was for him. Mbappé scored a hat trick on Martinez during the match, but France fell just short of a World Cup title in penalty kicks.