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Franchise quarterback and the Chicago Bears don't typically go hand-in-hand. Not since the days of Sid Luckman have the Bears franchise truly been able to say -- with conviction -- that they have a franchise quarterback.

Justin Fields has earned that distinction with his play over the past few weeks, developing into that game changer the Bears envisioned when they traded up to select him in the 2021 NFL Draft. Of the five quarterbacks taken in the first 15 picks of that 2021 draft class, Fields has emerged from the pack as the best of that group

Fields showcased his superstar potential in Week 9 against the Miami Dolphins, completing 17 of 28 passes for 123 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions (106.7 rating) while rushing 15 times for 178 yards and a score. Even though the Bears lost, Fields proved to the NFL that he's one of the most dynamic playmakers in the game and is just scratching the surface of his potential.

The Bears franchise has an embarrassing history at quarterback, yet Fields is on pace to rewrite the narrative. In this week's "By The Numbers," let's take a look at Fields' historic performance in Week 9 and the Bears' single-season records at quarterback -- some of which Fields seems poised to break.

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Most rushing yards in a game by QB (regular season)

  1. Justin Fields -- 178 (2022)
  2. Michael Vick -- 173 (2002)
  3. Michael Vick -- 166 (2006)
  4. Lamar Jackson -- 152 (2019)
  5. Colin Kaepernick -- 151 (2014)

Most rushing yards in a game by Bears player (since 2000)

  1. Matt Forte -- 205 (2011)
  2. Anthony Thomas -- 188 (2001)
  3. Justin Fields -- 178 (2022)
  4. Anthony Thomas -- 173 (2001)
  5. Jordan Howard -- 167 (2017)

Most rushing yards in a game by Bears QB (franchise history)

  1. Justin Fields -- 178 (2022)
  2. Bobby Douglass -- 127 (1972)
  3. Bobby Douglass -- 117 (1972)
  4. Justin Fields -- 103 (2021)
  5. Bobby Douglass -- 100 (1973)

Fields doesn't have the most rushing yards in a game by a quarterback in NFL history (Colin Kaepernick has that title, as he ran for 181 yards in the NFC Divisional playoffs in 2012), yet has plenty of firsts as a result of Sunday's performance: 

  • Only player in NFL history to rush for 150 yards in a game, throw for three TDs, and rush for a TD
  • Longest rush ever by a Bears quarterback (61 yards). Vince Evans had a 58-yard rush in 1980
  • Longest TD run by a Bears quarterback (61 yards), breaking Bobby Douglass' 57-yard TD run in 1972. 
  • First player in NFL history with three-plus touchdown passes and 140-plus rushing yards in a game

This performance isn't just a one-game thing, either. Fields has thrown for 643 yards with seven touchdowns to just two interceptions in his past four games (95.6 rating) while rushing for 408 yards and three touchdowns (8.3 yards per carry). Fields is demonstrating the skill set it takes to be the Bears franchise quarterback as he becomes more comfortable with their offense. 

In just his second season, Fields is approaching several Bears' single-season records for quarterbacks. 

Most rushing yards in a season by QB (Bears history)

  1. Bobby Douglass -- 968 (1972)
  2. Justin Fields -- 602 (2022)
  3. Bobby Douglass -- 525 (1973)
  4. Mitchell Trubisky -- 418 (2018)
  5. Justin Fields -- 420 (2021)

Most passing TDs in a season (Bears history)

  1. Erik Kramer -- 29 (1995)
  2. Jay Cutler -- 28 (2014)
  3. Jay Cutler -- 27 (2009)
  4. Sid Luckman -- 24 (1947)
  5. Mitchell Trubisky -- 24 (2018)

Most total TD in a season by QB (Bears history)

  1. Erik Kramer -- 30 (1995)
  2. Jay Cutler -- 30 (2014)
  3. Jay Cutler -- 28 (2009)
  4. Mitchell Trubisky -- 27 (2018)
  5. Johnny Lujack -- 25 (1949)

Fields has played nine games this season, but is already on pace to set the single-season rushing record for Bears quarterbacks. He's on pace for 1,137 rushing yards, which not only would set the Bears' franchise record for rushing yards by a quarterback -- but would be the second most by a quarterback in a season in league history (Lamar Jackson has the record with 1,206). Fields needs to average just 49.8 rushing yards per game to become the third quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season (Lamar Jackson, Michael Vick). 

On pace for 19 passing touchdowns this season, Fields is nowhere near the Bears franchise record for passing touchdowns in a season. If Fields continues his pace from the past four games over the final eight games, he would have 14 touchdown passes over the final eight games -- giving him 24 passing touchdowns on the year. That's tied with Luckman and Trubisky for fourth most in a season in franchise history. 

Fields has 14 total touchdowns on the year, on pace for 26 for the season. That would be the fourth most by a quarterback in franchise history. If Fields continues his touchdown pace over his past four games in the second half of the year, he'd set the franchise record for total touchdowns with 34. 

The Bears are the only franchise that has not had a 4,000-yard passer nor a 30-touchdown passer in NFL history, yet Fields seems poised to get both of those records based on his development. Fields is only on pace to throw for 2,497 yards in 2022, but the 1,127 rushing yards would give him 3,634 total yards on the year. 

Jay Cutler has the most total yards (passing and rushing) in Bears history with 3,860. Mitchell Trubisky is second with 3,644, so Fields would be third in franchise history at this current pace. 

The Bears quarterback history isn't much to brag about, but Fields is on his way toward rewriting the history books.