Since the Warriors completed their sweep of the Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals, it's hard to think anyone has been more excited than rookie Jordan Bell. Bell has been living his best life since Friday, and that continued at the Warriors' parade celebrating their championship on Tuesday. His drink of choice is Hennessy, and he'll get it any way he can.

Just look at what happened when he ran out.

Bell goes through a whole range of emotions here, but mostly confusion. From the shrug to his happiness when he sees a fan and his excited gesture to the fan, this is true love. It appears he's also picking up Nick Young's habit of going shirtless since the championship. After Bell takes a swig, he offers it back to the fan, but the fan tells him to use it as a chaser for the drink he just took. That's how you give back.

It's very likely that the bottle Bell finished on the float isn't the first one he's taken down either. It's possible he hasn't stopped. 

There is, however, video evidence that that isn't true and Bell has, in fact, had champagne.

Who knows; maybe Bell just sneaked some Hennessy into a champagne bottle so no one would bother him. It's not the worst idea.