While the NBA season is going on, with games each and every night, there is simply not enough time to go on deep dives into every funny or interesting thing that happens. Thankfully, we have the offseason. Sure, there aren't games, but that means we have the time to learn behind-the-scenes information about events from the past season or seasons. 

Such is the case with a recent Nick Young interview. The man they call Swaggy P won his first-ever NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors last season. But as is usually the case, he was perhaps more well known for his hijinks off the court than his production on it. 

Ahead of Game 1 of the Warriors' first-round series with the San Antonio Spurs, Young showed up to the game in a silk robe and boxer shorts. It was a classic Swaggy P-style move, and pretty much everyone found it hilarious. Well, except for the league offices. According to Young, they called him to admonish him for his fashion choice. Via Complex:

To kick off the Warriors' run to a fourth-straight NBA Finals, Young memorably rolled to Oracle Arena before Game 1 of the squad's first-round series with the Spurs in a silk robe and boxer shorts. It was arguably the most ambitious fit any NBA player ever tried to pull off. Young had been plotting it for weeks, and it caught the attention not only of NBA Twitter, but the league office.

"They actually called about the robe," says Young. "They thought I really wore boxer shorts. They were like, 'You can't wear boxers and a robe.'"

In case you forgot, here's a look at the outfit.

You can kind of see where the league is coming from on this one, but it still seems a little wild that they actually took the time to call Young about this outfit and tell him to chill out a bit. Sure, it was basically pajamas, but it wasn't super inappropriate or something. If anything, this is just a reminder that the league is constantly worried about their perception.