He's Rick James, [bleep].

Miami Heat All-Star forwar LeBron James jumped comfortably into the role of the 1980s singer as part of a karaoke night fundraiser hosted by teammate Shane Battier on Tuesday night.

The event, held on South Beach, listed James, Heat president Pat Riley and Heat forwards Juwan Howard and James Jones as crooners, according to the Palm Beach Post.
That’s when “Battioke” was born.

“We are always looking for creative ways to have fundraisers,” Battier said. “Everyone does a golf tournament. Everyone does a dinner. My wife and I do enjoy karaoke. We’re not very good. It’s a chance for guys to let their hair down.”

Proceeds raised in the karaoke competition, which was apparently judged, benefited Battier's foundation.

Video of LeBron James as Rick James surfaced, as the All-Star forward wore a black wig, a tight white shirt and shimmied around the stage during his song.

"How y'all doin' tonight?" LeBron asked the crowd, before breaking into Rick's classic, "Super Freak."

James held the microphone in his left hand; his potentially dislocated ring finger did not appear to hinder the performance. He received light applause as he exited the stage and he took a bow as he returned to his seat.

Video via YouTube user MusicMusic4me. Hat tip: Sportando.net