The Golden State Warriors recently won their third title in four seasons, and they celebrated in style back home in Oakland earlier this week. As is the tradition, they were welcomed home with a glorious parade, as people poured into the streets to honor their heroes. 

The players certainly enjoyed themselves. Nick Young was shirtless and mingling with the crowd, Draymond Green trolled LeBron James and trash-talked Tristan Thompson and trolled LeBron James with his custom-made Arthur shirt. Meanwhile, Jordan Bell secured some extra alcohol from a fan after running out on his bus. 

Bell just might have been the MVP of the event for his antics, but apparently it wasn't funny to everyone. His veteran teammate Andre Iguodala said on a Bay Area radio station recently that he told Bell to, "stop doing that stupid stuff" during the parade. Then he took a jab at Bell for going to his collegiate rival Oregon. Via NBC Sports Bay Area:

"I told him to stop doing that stupid stuff, but he's a rookie," the 2015 Finals MVP said on KNBR 680. "He enjoyed himself. It was his first time."

Iguodala then took a shot at that college in Eugene.

"And obviously at Oregon, they don't teach guys certain things. The Oregon guys aren't used to being professional basketball players.

"Arizona, we just have a plethora of alumni who played professional basketball. We know how to enjoy success. You gotta give Jordan a pass."

Bell was certainly enjoying himself. And while he might have been a little too wild for Iguodala's tastes, he wasn't doing anything bad or inappropriate. When you win an NBA title as a rookie, you might as well take the time to enjoy the celebration.