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Kurt Busch has missed the last 10 NASCAR races after suffering a concussion in qualifying at Pocono Raceway on July 23. With six races remaining, Busch is "hopeful" he can return before the end of the season.

While meeting with reporters on Tuesday, Busch said he hopes to be back in the No. 45 Toyota for 23XI Racing before the end of the year. He still has more evaluations ahead, but Busch said he has been making progress.

"I feel hopeful," Busch said. "I know that I have more doctor visits and more distance to go. I keep pushing each week. Toyota Performance Center have been a group of angels who have helped me with the workouts and the vestibular workouts. Different nutrition, as well. The different supplements and things to help everything rebalance with my vision, hearing, and just overall balance in general."

Busch noted that there is no set timetable to return from a concussion. Despite his struggles, Busch said he feels grateful for all the support he has received since suffering the injury.

"Each situation is different," Busch said. "It's similar to a breast cancer survivor. Not every story is the same. Not every injury is the same. There have been a bunch of military guys who have reached out to me from all the years I've worked with their foundations, and you feel that village and that support. It's not like a broken arm. You get a cast taken off, and then you can go bench press 300 pounds. It's a process of coming back."

On Aug. 25, Busch withdrew his medical waiver that would have given him a spot in the NASCAR playoffs due to his win at the AdventHealth 400 on May 15. Although wouldn't be in the running for a championship, Busch could come back and race before the Nov. 6 NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway.