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In the first half of the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, the South Carolina Gamecocks used the entire playbook against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Even quarterback Spencer Rattler was inventing new plays in real time.

Toward the end of the first half, South Carolina was driving in hopes of putting a few more points on the board. On a first-and-10 play, Rattler went to throw a shovel pass to his intended receiver when the ball slipped out of his hand.

Thanks to his quick reflexes, Rattler was able to pluck the ball out of mid-air before it hit the ground, and he ran for a 12-yard gain and a first down.

Even though it appeared Rattler threw a shovel pass to himself, the play was officially recorded as a 12-yard rushing attempt. Even though that is how history will remember the play, everyone who saw it live knows that it was much more interesting than that.

Rattler and the rest of the Gamecocks are trying to cap off what wound up being a magical season for the program. In the last two weeks of the regular season, South Carolina pulled off major upsets against Tennessee and Clemson, with Rattler playing a big role in both victories.