Mike Freeman

Players say NFL needs HGH testing

What's become clear is a number of NFL players want HGH testing.

Patriots: 'Going about our business like Hernandez never existed'

Patriots players have left Aaron Hernandez in the rear-view mirror. That may seem cold, but it's smart and in many ways typical Patriots.

Here is how the NFL made a breakthrough on HGH: Talking

The NFL and NFLPA made a breakthrough on HGH testing. It didn't happen by accident. It was the result of many months of quiet negotiations behind the scenes between union leader DeMaurice Smith and Commissioner Roger Goodell as well as owners and players.

NFL to use NCAA concussion suit charges as defense in its own suit?

By now, the NFL knows about the NCAA concussion lawsuit. Mike Freeman says the pros could use allegations from the NCAA suit as a defense in its own concussion litigation.

Documents in lawsuit vs. NCAA reveal high number of concussions

The NCAA's own tracking data states there were 29,225 concussions suffered by athletes in all NCAA sports from 2004-2009.

Watch: Dez Bryant could save the Cowboys

I called into The Tim Brando Show to talk about hot storylines going into the season, including Dez Bryant's crucial role with the Cowboys.

NFL punishment of players shifting from Roger Goodell to teams

The NFL is handling things differently now than six years ago during a scary time in football. Now, instead of Roger Goodell dispensing discipline, individual teams are taking the lead.

Historic initiatives will protect MLB players from sex discrimination

The new initiatives will protect MLB players from harassment due to sexual orientation. The deal reached between the office of the attorney general and baseball is similar to an agreement completed between the attorney general and the NFL.

NFL scout: Manziel suffering from being under an ultra-microscope

Johnny Manziel is facing some of the more unfair scrutiny a college player has ever seen. The NFL is watching and evaluating. Will these actions cost him in the draft? They shouldn't in any way -- but they could.

Arizona's Calais Campbell: The Cardinals can win the NFC West

One of the league's best defensive players says don't sleep on the Arizona Cardinals. Why? Because they now have a quarterback.

New pad rule begins this season: No thigh or knee pads, no play

A new NFL rule requires players to wear thigh and knee pads. If they do not, they can't play. The rule is a smart one but some players still hate it.

Are the Patriots more vulnerable than ever?

The Dolphins have made themselves younger and better with free agents like Dannell Ellerbe. Are they ready to knock the Patriots from the head of the division?

2013 NFL training camp preview: Storylines abound for every team

The Patriots are the biggest story as the NFL preseason looms, but we have a little something for everyone as we gear up for training camps.

Delanie Walker, one of NFL's unsung good guys, shaped by tragedy

After playing in a Super Bowl, Delanie Walker would learn that his aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver. Everything changed for Walker.

J.J. Watt is real good but saying he may be best ever disrespects history

The belief that Houston defensive end J.J. Watt could be best defensive player ever is propagating like fruit flies. This is just a reminder of some of the great Hall of Fame defensive players and what made them so good.

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