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At 7 foot 4, San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama can make tall men look short and short men even shorter. That was explicitly illustrated when Wembanyama met one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL, who finally got to take a walk in the shoes of one of his most prolific -- and smaller -- wide receivers.

In an Instagram post, Tom Brady posted pleasantries upon meeting Wembanyama, who boasts a full foot over the 6 foot 4 seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. Knowing full well that Wembanyama dwarfs him by comparison, Brady instead took a dig at his longtime teammate Julian Edelman, who is billed at 5 foot 10.

"Usually I'd make some joke here about how I think I could get 10 and 10 against you, but let's be real… you'd send my jumper into the club level," Brady wrote. "... PS: @edelman11 This is how you felt all those years???"

Edelman didn't let Brady's dig at him go unnoticed, replying with a gif of Michael Scott from "The Office" saying, "I am dead inside".

Brady and Edelman were together for three Super Bowl titles, including in 2018 when Edelman was named MVP of Super Bowl LIII.