With Justin Fields now in Pittsburgh, it will be interesting to see if he gets along with Russell Wilson, because it seems that he definitely did NOT get along with another Super Bowl winning quarterback that he once played with. 

During his rookie season in Chicago, the Bears had three quarterbacks on the roster with Fields, Andy Dalton and former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, who led the Eagles to a 41-33 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. According to Tyler Dunne of Go Long, the relationship between Fields and the other two quarterbacks was "toxic as hell" with most of the animosity coming between Fields and Foles. 

According to the report, the relationship between Foles and Fields basically reached rock bottom after a situation where Foles was trying to teach something to Fields, only to turn around and realize that Fields wasn't paying attention to anything Foles was saying. According to the report, Foles and Fields "could not stand each other."

Although that report came from an anonymous source, it seems to line up with some information that was shared back in February by Josh Lucas, who happens to be the Bears' former director of player personnel. During an interview with Windy City Gridiron, Lucas seemed to admit that Fields didn't get along with Foles and Dalton. 

"We thought having two vets with him would really help him with Andy and Nick and that was not cohesive at all," Lucas said. 

Lucas said the Fields was definitely the best QB on the roster in 2021, but the problem with the situation was that the rookie quarterback wasn't really open to taking any advice from the two veteran quarterbacks. 

"The part you don't like about it is that there's a teachable moment in every point of practice," Lucas said. "There's teachable moments in the building during the day, how you carry yourself as a quarterback. There's teachable moments at press conferences. There's teachable moments every snap on Sunday. When you've got two guys that have won as much as Nick and seen as much as Andy, and you don't take that information in, because you're a little standoffish and a little abrasive, you're wasting that opportunity."

Based on what Lucas is saying, it seems the Dalton and Foles were trying to help, but Fields wasn't open to it. 

Although they're not teammates anymore, Fields has spoken positively about his relationship with Dalton, so it's very possible that he just didn't get along with Foles for whatever reason. 

"He's always been great to me. Always seen the bigger picture, not really getting that confusion," Fields said of Dalton in February 2023, via BearsWire. "Just the situation we were in, not getting in the way with our relationship. Always kept it cordial with me and was kind of a big brother to me."

With Fields currently expected to be the backup in Pittsburgh, it will be interesting to see how he handles working with and possibly learning from Russell Wilson.