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During Sunday's game between the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions, one member of the chain crew suffered a serious knee injury when Alvin Kamara crashed into him at the end of the play. While Nick Piazza recovers at home, Kamara sent him a couple gifts in hopes of lifting his spirits.

In the third quarter of the Lions' 33-28 win, Kamara was pushed out of bounds and ran into Piazza's legs at a high rate of speed. The collision did significant damage to Piazza's left leg, causing two torn ligaments and a fractured fibula when his knee popped out of the joint.

In an interview with, Piazza said he immediately knew the injury was serious.

"Shocked, scared, nervous, I was all those things," Piazza said. "I knew, this is not something that I can just get up and shake off."

Piazza will be off his feet for several weeks, but he has already received some help from a variety of places. Kamara himself has sent a couple of cool gifts in the form of an autographed jersey and football. Piazza has also received a food order from Saints owner Gayle Benson, and care packages from the Chicago Bears and the game's officiating crew have been sent his way.

The Saints' orthopedic doctor, Dr. Michael Hartman, will perform surgery to repair Piazza's leg on Friday. After that, Piazza will start his recovery process in hopes of getting back on the sideline for the 2024 season.