Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a surprise appearance on this week's WWE Raw at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City. United States champion Logan Paul captured the full attention of the Missouri crowd when he tried to get an assist from Mahomes during a confrontation with Jey Uso.

The NFL star was sitting in the front row and Paul approached him to borrow his three Super Bowl championship rings to use as brass knuckles and punch Uso. However, Paul's blinged-out fist landed on JD McDonagh as Uso slipped away at the last second. 

Braun Strowman showed up to help Uso, which made Paul flee the scene. 

Strowman soon noticed Mahomes standing in the crowd near him and started to lumber his way over. Mahomes' teammates Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith quickly stood up to defend their quarterback, but cooler heads prevailed when Uso convinced Strowman to back down.

Although Mahomes ended up not playing a bigger role on Monday night, he still brought more excitement to the event. He also posed backstage with WWE chief content officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque.