"Thank you Kevin Kolb," is not what Matt Flynn was saying Monday.

Last year Kolb signed a five-year deal for $63 million with the Cardinals. He just received a $7 million roster bonus, and that means he will see $20 million in the first two years and $29 million in the first three. Of course the Cardinals were ready to call it a mistake if they got Peyton Manning but they were eliminated.

Flynn would have loved to work off the Kolb deal but had no chance because clubs felt the Cardinals deal was too rich.

Flynn will see $19 million in the three years he is under contract to the Seahawks, which turns out to be $10 million less than Kolb. The Dolphins apparently thought the Seattle deal was too rich for their blood, let alone the Cardinal deal for Kolb.

Imagine if Tim Tebow does wind up in Miami. First the Fish will have to give compensation for him to the Broncos and then take on his contract, which could be even higher than what Flynn would have cost with his base salaries, roster bonuses, and escalators.

As for selling seats in Miami, if Tebow comes to town, it will happen but more likely a few thousand game-by-game tickets instead of a major rush on season tickets