One of the biggest questions of the NFL offseason revolves around the Chicago Bears and whether they're going to trade away Justin Fields

During the NFL Combine this week, Bears general manager Ryan Poles didn't tip his hand on what's going to happen, but he did say that the team would like to make a decision soon. 

"I would love to know as soon as possible," Poles said about the team's plan at quarterback. "I would love to know, but I know that's not how the process works. Sure, before free agency would be good."

If the Bears decide to trade Fields, there could end up being a nice market for his services, and that's because multiple teams appear to be interested in the 24-year-old. According to USA Today, the Falcons, Raiders and Steelers have all "expressed some level of interest" in possibly making a deal for Fields. 

All three of these teams have a huge question mark at quarterback this offseason, so all three of them would make some sense. 

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The Falcons haven't been trying to hide the fact that they're going to add a quarterback this offseason. Making a trade for Fields would make a lot of sense, and that's because it would give him a fresh start and it would also give the team a fresh start at the position. Also, let's not forget that Fields' manager posted a video this week that seemed to hint that the QB may end up with the Falcons (you can see it here). According to NBC Sports Chicago, the Falcons have already checked in with the Bears about Fields, so they've taken one step beyond just showing interest. 


Although the Steelers have Kenny Pickett, Mike Tomlin made it clear in January that the team will be bringing in some competition for the 25-year-old. "There's always competition in this thing. We don't anoint anyone. I'm appreciative of his efforts and where he is and excited about continuing to work with him, but certainly, he will be challenged from a competition perspective moving forward." 

Steelers general manager Omar Khan was asked at the combine if the team may trade for Justin Fields, and although he could have shot down the speculation, he instead left the door wide open. 

"I have an obligation to look at every avenue that's out there to try and make us a better football team," Khan told the media, via The Athletic.

The Steelers GM also admitted that his team would look at every available option, while also saying he has "full faith" in Kenny Pickett. 

 "There's different avenues for us: The draft, free agency, the trade market. I would say every one of those avenues is an option for us," Khan said. One option could be Mason Rudolph, but he's set to be a free agent, so there's no guarantee that he'll be returning to Pittsburgh. 

Adding Fields would give the QB a chance to start over with a new offensive coordinator (Arthur Smith) who will also be heading into his first season in Pittsburgh. 


Antonio Pierce was asked what he wants in a quarterback this week at the combine, and he gave a pretty specific answer, "You want someone who has been battle-tested, that has been through adversity, had challenges and wasn't just handed the keys. Because that's going to be the process here no matter what we do," Pierce said. 

The Raiders have made it pretty clear this week that their QB of the future isn't currently on the roster, which means Aidan O'Connell and Jimmy Garoppolo likely won't be around much longer. The Raiders could certainly draft a quarterback, but with the 13th overall pick, it might not be realistic for that to happen. If they have to go after a veteran, making a trade for Fields would certainly make some sense. 

This is all good news for the Bears because if they do end up trading Fields -- and things definitely seem to be trending that way -- there should be plenty of interested teams. Besides the three teams above, there are also several more teams that will likely be in the market for a quarterback, including the Commanders, Patriots, Broncos and Vikings

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