Photo courtesy of New York Jets

For the 2022 season, the NFL changed the so-called "one shell" rule that prevented teams from using alternate helmets. In recent days and weeks, teams have begun unveiling the alternate helmets they'll be using during the upcoming campaign. 

Already, the Cowboys (white helmet), Giants (navy blue helmet), Panthers (black helmet), Bengals (white tiger helmet), Texans (red helmet), Patriots (white helmet), Saints (black helmet) and Falcons (red helmet) had unveiled new looks for their noggins. On Friday, the New York Jets joined the party, announcing that they will pair a "stealth black" helmet with their "stealth black" uniforms. 

The helmets will be worn for the following three home games:

There are a whole lot of pictures on the Jets' official website, but you can see several angles of the helmet right here. 


"Inspired by a Stealth Fighter Jet, the new helmet shell features a matte black finish," the team said in its statement. "The Stealth Black helmet also includes a chrome green face mask, which is an extension of the team's current green helmet shell. The helmet decal has also been updated with a white keyline – pulling together all three team colors on the helmet – green, white and black."

It's a pretty clean look for the Jets, and the players on the team seem to like it a whole lot. 

"Our alternate helmets are the definition of swaggy," Elijah Moore said, per the Jets. "Definitely honored to rock out in those." Running back Michael Carter, meanwhile, declared it, "the best alternate helmet in the league."