In any good show, the writers leave a handful of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the program for fans to discover and try to decipher what they could mean going forward. Throughout last year, the "script" of the NFL season had been a viral sensation, so much so that the league itself even played into the notion that they were cooking up storylines to play out throughout the year in one of their season preview commercials coming into 2023. Well, if the NFL were scripted, many fans were of the mind that the writers were in their bag by leaving us a potential major clue as to who'd ultimately end up in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. 

As the popular social media account "NFL Memes" previously pointed out, the last two Super Bowl logos had colors predominantly matching the teams that ended up playing in the big game. For Super Bowl LVI, the colors were orange (Bengals) and yellow (Rams). As for last year's Super Bowl, the logo was green (Eagles) and red (Chiefs). With that in mind, many were paying particular attention year's Super Bowl logo which sports red and purple. 

As you might expect, this captured the attention of the football world as there was a growing conspiracy that Super Bowl LVIII was going to end up being the San Francisco 49ers (red) taking on the Baltimore Ravens (purple). Even Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers brought this happenstance up during a pervious appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" and noted that the Super Bowl LIX logo better include green in it.

"If the Super Bowl is Baltimore and San Fran, then I tell you what that Super Bowl LIX emblem better have Jet green on it," Rodgers said.

Unfortunately for Rodgers and those sporting tinfoil hats that expected this logo prophecy to be fulfill, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to crash the party. Despite both the Ravens and 49ers reaching the conference title game, Patrick Mahomes and company spoiled the logo conspiracy from panning out again after they eliminated the Ravens in the AFC Championship. While Kansas City would still factor in as a red team in this conspiracy, Baltimore was the only remaining purple team, which sent this side story up in smoke.