Rodgers says Flynn is a 'top-15 quarterback.' (Getty Images)
Matt Flynn is one of the biggest enigmas in free agency this offseason. He's a former BCS Championship winner turned late-round draft pick turned potential multi-millionaire, thanks to a monster game against the Lions late last year.

There are plenty of concerns with Flynn, as's Pete Prisco pointed out recently. But according to the Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Flynn's former teammate Aaron Rodgers thinks his ex-backup is a "top-15 quarterback."
That's a reasonably bold statement. But there's a better word to classify what Rodgers said: it's smart.

"Top-15 quarterback" sounds like a ringing endorsement. And it is to a degree. After all, Flynn's only started two games in his NFL career. But Rex Grossman was top 15 in 2011 in terms of passing yards per game. So it can be a bit tricky.

It means that Rodgers thinks Flynn is good, but it also means that Rodgers isn't going to get crazy with the Cheese Whiz when making a statement about where Flynn will rank among other NFL quarterbacks.

Having said all that, Flynn's considered the "next Kevin Kolb," and Kolb is absolutely not a top-15 quarterback. (For another example: Mark Sanchez would probably love for his coach and GM to come out and call him a "top-15 quarterback" these days.)

So if Flynn can live up to Rodgers' prediction, the team that gets him may be very happy indeed.