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The NBA is looking into an incident that took place after the Nuggets' Game 2 win over the Lakers on Monday and reportedly involved Nikola Jokic's brothers, per The Athletic. A video on social media shows an altercation where a man wearing a Jokic jersey, reported to be one of the two-time MVP's older brothers, Strahinja Jokic, punches another man in the face while in the stands.

The Nuggets have not made any public statement on the situation, though they are reportedly looking into it, as is the Denver Police Department, per the Denver Post. It's unclear how the altercation began or what led to it, but you can see the man in the Jokic jersey climbing down a row of seats to punch a man in the face. It doesn't appear as though the situation escalated past that, as the man who was punched turned around and didn't engage further in the situation.

Here's the video of the altercation:

Jokić's older brothers are typically seen supporting Nikola at games. If it is confirmed that it is Strahinja in the video, it wouldn't be the first time he has been involved in a physical altercation. In 2019, he was arrested for allegedly choking and pushing a woman while the two were inside a Denver apartment. He was later charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment and obstruction of phone service and pled guilty in 2020 to a misdemeanor count of obstruction of phone service and felony trespassing. The other charges against the older Jokic brother were dismissed.

In addition to that, Jokic's brothers got into a social media spat with NBA players Marcus and Markieff Morris in November 2021. That situation stemmed from Nikola getting ejected from a game against the Miami Heat after a late hit on Markieff. Heat players came to Markieff's defense, and players needed to be separated. Later on social media, Marcus posted how Nikola "Waited till bro turned his back" before trucking Markieff in the back. He wrote "NOTED," insinuating that he would get some sort of payback on the Nuggets franchise centerpiece. That led to Jokic's brothers creating an X (formerly known as Twitter) account to respond in part, writing, "You should leave this the way it is instead of publicly threatening our brother...If you want to make a step further we will be waiting for you."

There was also a video in June 2021 of Strahinja and Nikola's other brother, Nemanja, yelling at Suns players while having to be held back by arena security. That stemmed from a scuffle Nikola got into with Devin Booker following a hard foul on former Suns player Cameron Payne. Nikola was later ejected for his foul on Payne. 

There seems to be a history with Jokic's older brothers, so we'll have to wait and see the results of the NBA, Nuggets and Denver Police investigations.