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Draymond Green says his Golden State Warriors are not "cooked," regardless of what NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley said during the team's opening night loss to the Phoenix Suns.

During halftime of that game, Barkley insinuated that the Warrior's run might be coming to an end. Just days later, Green got to address Barkley directly on "The Steam Room" podcast. Barkley said he meant to say the Warriors were "old," not necessarily that they were "cooked." Green immediately used that term against Barkley, taking a shot at the Hall of Famer.

"I don't mind that," Green said. "I mean, I think 'old' sounds a little harsh. I think 'old' sounds as if we look like Chuck when he was out there with the Houston Rockets. That's what 'old' kinda sounds like to me."

Green did agree that the Warriors are an older team, but with age also comes experience. As long as Golden State can keep its best players on the court, Green believes there is nothing stopping them from winning another NBA title.

"Our ages are getting up there," Green said. "You can't deny that. In saying that, though, we are experienced. I think the most important thing, to Chuck's point, is us staying healthy. We are definitely getting older, but that ain't never stopped us from winning."

Steph Curry (35), Klay Thompson (33) and Green (33) are all comfortably past the age of 30. However, they're only a couple of seasons removed from their last championship and they've rattled off four straight wins since that opening-night loss to Phoenix.

Two of those wins came against the Sacramento Kings, which has to be even sweeter for Green because Barkley also made the case that the Warriors are the worst NBA team in California this year. It's already starting to look like Barkley might've spoken too soon.