Now is a great time to give your home gym a well-deserved equipment upgrade. We found incredible winter deals on treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and more make it easy to get the premium equipment you want at prices that won't break the bank. Right now, you can get a top-of-the-line treadmill like the Sole ST90 or the Bowflex T10 for up to 32% off or snag your first rowing machine for just under $200.

Whatever your at-home cardio routine looks like, you have a chance to save on brand-new equipment to take that routine to the next level. Keep reading for the best deals on exercise equipment you can shop today.

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The best deals on exercise equipment

The best way to reinvigorate your 2024 fitness routine is with a brand new machine at an unbeatable price. Here are our favorite deals to shop this week.

Save $1,200 on a Sole ST90 treadmill


The Sole ST90 boasts a slat belt rather than the conventional continuous belt, making it one of our favorite treadmills for marathon training. With a max speed of 12.5 mph and 15 levels of incline, you can use this machine for both tempo runs and hill training.

If you're looking for conditioning or core strength, switch to free mode which disengages the motor and turns this into a manual treadmill, allowing you to propel the belt yourself and use eight of the 15 incline levels. Crank up the incline in free mode for the ultimate strength-building run or drop it to flat and build up as much speed as you can for optimal cardio conditioning.

Right now, you have a chance to get the Sole treadmill at one of its lowest prices all year. Normally listed at $3,700, the Sole ST90 is on sale on Amazon for just $2,500.

$2,500 at Amazon

Save $300 on a popular under desk treadmill: WalkingPad R2


The slim and foldable WalkingPad R2 features one of the most portable, space-saving designs we've seen. When not in use, it can fold in half, shrinking from about 47 inches long down to just 33 inches. Then, it can be folded again to store it in a vertical position instead of a horizontal one so it takes up almost no floor space at all. It slides easily under a desk, couch or in your closet.

It's not just a favorite for its compact size, though. This surprisingly high-tech under-desk treadmill features eight built-in sensors to detect your cadence and foot placement. It uses that data to automatically adjust to match your walking speed, and stop when you stop. That smart tech makes it one of the best picks for your office. It's easy to log a few steps when you can, stop when you need to and start up again without having to manually start, stop or adjust settings.

Right now, you can get this under-desk treadmill directly from WalkingPad for $739, a savings of $260. Or save even more when you get it on Amazon, where it's currently priced at just $699 after coupon (reduced from $999).

$699 at Amazon $739 at WalkingPad

A hybrid stepper-elliptical machine for $500 off: Bowflex Max Total 16


The Bowflex Max Total 16 is part stair stepper, part elliptical machine and packed with advanced features. That includes 20 resistance levels so you can make each workout as intense (or as mild) as you want. Adjust the intensity as you go or choose from one of the preset workout programs so you can just focus on your form while the machine automatically adjusts the resistance.

It comes with a free Bluetooth heart rate monitor armband that's great for heart rate zone training.

Get the premium Bowflex hybrid stepper-elliptical machine while it's on sale for $1,999 (reduced from $2,499). Shipping is included.

$1,999 at Bowflex

Schwinn 470 elliptical machine: Save $200


Featuring a 10-degree adjustable ramp, the Schwinn 470 is one of the only ellipticals on the market that lets you add incline for an even more challenging workout. It offers 25 levels of resistance for even more customization of your workout intensity. With a 20-inch stride length, you can enjoy a more natural running motion while you power through that high-intensity workout.

Get the high-intensity, low-impact Schwinn 470 while it's on sale at Amazon for $1,099 (reduced from $1,299).

$1,099 at Amazon

Save more than 25% on the Bowflex T10 treadmill


The Bowflex T10 offers incline and resistance settings as well as tons of immersive workout options that make for one of the most engaging and high intensity cardio workouts you can get indoors. For marathon trainers, the Bowflex T10 offers an impressive range of -5% up to 15% incline.

An optional JRNY fitness membership gives you access to over 200 virtual courses that transport you to white sand beaches or the streets of Rome while you run. (JRNY costs $149 per year, but the T10 comes with a 2-month free trial.)

Right now, you can get the Bowflex T10 for just $1,899 (reduced from $1,999).

$1,899 at Bowflex $1,899 at Amazon

Save $300 on our readers' favorite elliptical, the Niceday CT11


The Niceday elliptical is a CBS Sports Essentials readers' favorite. The budget-friendly pick promises a hyper-quiet magnetic drive system designed to eliminate noise. A 16-pound flywheel and 16 resistance levels provide double the resistance levels compared to other ellipticals at this price point.

Its 400-pound weight capacity and heavy-duty base, which is made from extra-thick commercial steel, make this model more stable than similarly priced machines.

Regularly $800, you can get the popular elliptical while it's on sale at Amazon for just $500 right now. 

$500 at Amazon

An immersive, smart exercise bike for under $1,000: Echelon EX5


Echelon's EX5 stationary bike features a small footprint that doesn't take over your space. The 32 levels of quiet resistance give you variety in your workout, allowing you to captures the flats of HIIT training and the steep inclines in an epic hill ride. It even comes with a dumbbell rack on the back to stash your weights when you want to do a combined cardio and strength-training workout.

With an Echelon Premier membership ($40 per month), you'll also get access to over 3,000 live and on-demand virtual classes as well as exclusive playlists and other premium features. Best of all, one membership can be shared by up to five users.

Regularly priced at $1,000, you can get the 4.3-star rated stationary bike for just $786 on Amazon right now.

$786 at Amazon

Over 40% off a popular rowing machine: Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machine


This popular Sunny Health rowing machine has earned more than 11,800 five-star ratings on Amazon. Reviewers love that it's sturdy, quiet, and that both the seat and the rowing handle move smoothly with each repetition.

The adjustable resistance levels make it easy to alternate between high-intensity sessions and easier recovery workouts. Plus, when you're done for the day, you can fold it up and stash it in a corner or a closet.

Amazon dropped the price on this 4.4-star rated rower to $215 with coupon (reduced from $399).

$215 at Amazon

Save $100 on the Sportsroyals Stair Stepper


The pedals of the 4.4-star-rated Sportsroyals Twist Stepper don't just move up and down. They add a twist action that makes the workout a bit more challenging, targeting more muscle groups than a standard under-desk stepper. To make it even better, removable resistance bands let you get an arm workout during your cardio session.

We love that its small enough to easily stow away when not in use.

The total body exercise machine is on sale at Amazon for just $123 after coupon (reduced from $230).

$123 at Amazon

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