Sometimes, there's nothing better than kicking back in front of your TV with your favorite game-time snacks and your fellow sports-obsessed buddies. But there is one way to make that moment even better: Get a top-of-the-line 4K TV that offers blur-free motion so you and your friends can analyze every second of every game.

Whether your house is the go-to house for watching the nonstop action of the NBA Playoffs or you're just ready for a TV upgrade, keep reading to find our three top picks for the best TVs for watching sports in 2024.

Best sports TV overall: Samsung Frame (2024 version)


The 2024 Samsung Frame is a new and improved version of one of the most popular sports TVs on the market. The stylish TV is a brilliant, high-resolution TV, and a showcase for works of art, all in one. And this year's model comes with key energy efficiency upgrades and an even better art mode.

Like its predecessor, the 2024 Samsung Frame boasts a lightning-fast 120 Hz refresh rate -- perfect for catching every nanosecond of action when watching the game. The matte finish eliminates glare so everyone can watch the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs as it's meant to be seen, no matter where they're sitting.

Unlike its predecessor, that 120 Hz refresh rate will automatically downgrade to 60 Hz while in art mode so that you can enjoy priceless works of art without taking as big of a hit to your electricity bill. Since the artwork is stationary, there's no need to have a lightning-fast refresh rate. For further energy savings, the TV will shut off when its motion detector senses no one is in the room.

The unique frame and well-hidden cables make it look like a real framed work of art on your wall. And when Sunday rolls around, you can turn off art mode and watch the action in all its QLED 4K glory. This makes it a great TV for sports fans who want 4K clarity while watching the game, but who don't like the look of a big bulky TV in their living room.

If you generally watch the game with friends, the brightness and anti-glare screen of Samsung's Frame might be the best for ensuring everyone in the room can see the game.

Multiple sizes are available, ranging from 43 inches up to 75 inches. So you can get the one that best fits your space.

Normally, prices start at $1,000 for the 43-inch Samsung Frame, multiple retailers are offering limited-time deals so you can save $100 or more depending on the size you order.

What we like about the 2024 Samsung Frame:

  • The anti-reflection screen with matte display film eliminates most glare so you and your friends can enjoy the game no matter where in the room you're sitting.
  • QLED technology tends to be brighter than OLED, making this TV better for daytime viewing or rooms with lots of light.
  • The Quantum HDR processor delivers blacker blacks, brighter whites and all-around more vibrant color and precision detail.
  • Now Pantone validated, works of art will look almost identical to the real thing thanks to improved color fidelity.
  • The Frame will automatically downgrade from 120 Hz to 60 Hz refresh rate while in art mode to use less energy.
  • Each month, stream a new curated collection of 20 free pieces of art (or pay $5.99 per month to access the full 2,500+ artwork collection).
$868 at Amazon $900 and up at Samsung $900 and up at Best Buy

Best picture quality in a sports TV: LG OLED C4 series 4K TV


This 65-inch LG OLED C4 series TV features over 8 million self-lit pixels that can individually turn themselves on and off to create the deepest blacks and the perfect contrast for a crisp, detailed image that's so real, it feels surreal. 

Boasting a higher refresh rate -- 144 Hertz to the C3's 120 Hertz -- the new C4 series TV offers smoother movement and less blur. While both offer 4K definition, that extra boost of blur-free movement can be critical if you like to pause the game for a frame-by-frame analysis of the action. With that said, it's missing the anti-glare screen to ensure you can still see that action no matter where you are in the room or what kind of lighting you are in.  

The upgraded AI processor on the latest generation of this OLED TV automatically upscales the sound and images from lower-quality sources so you can experience 4K resolution across everything you watch, even if it wasn't produced in 4K. 

The same goes for audio, which the new AI processor can upgrade into immersive surround sound or remaster for improved clarity and balance. Though, you'll want to pick up a good soundbar to get the most out of this feature.

Sports fans will also appreciate the addition of multi-view, a feature that lets you split the screen so you can watch two things at once. That'll come in handy for watching MLS regular season games and other sports that tend to have overlapping schedules.

Normally, prices range from $1,500 for the 42-inch C4 Series TV up to $5,400 for the 83-inch version. But for a limited time, you can get the premium OLED TV while it's on sale at Amazon, Best Buy and LG. During the sale, prices start as low as $1,297 for the 42-inch LG C4 Series TV.

What we like about the LG C4 series TV:

  • The 144Hz maximum refresh rate provides the smoothest movement and the most blur-free picture.
  • A new AI processor automatically enhances image and sound in real time to give you the best possible viewing experience, regardless of the source quality.
  • The new multi-view feature lets you watch two things at once on the same TV.  
  • OLED technology boasts better contrast than QLED technology.
  • The super thin TV can be mounted to the wall or placed on a TV stand.
$1,297 and up at Amazon $1,400 and up at Best Buy $1,400 and up at LG

Best outdoor TV for watching sports: Sylvox Pool Pro (full sun)


The full-sun Sylvox Pool Pro is one of the most waterproof outdoor TVs on the market. Sure, you can't dunk it, but it can handle the splashing from your kids diving in the pool (rated IP55). This also makes it a great option for watching the game while relaxing in a hot tub.

In addition to being waterproof, the Sylvox Pool Pro is compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to command the TV with your voice. So there's no need to dry off your hands each time you want to change the channel or adjust the volume.

And if you need to keep the volume down for your neighbors or your sleeping kids, take advantage of the wireless Bluetooth connection to pair your TV to your waterproof headphones to enjoy the game at full volume without disturbing anyone else.

Get the durable full-sun outdoor TV on Amazon starting at $2,599 for the 43-inch size.

What we like about the Sylvox Pool Pro:

  • With IP55 water resistance, you can mount this TV on a poolside patio without worrying about splashing and rain.
  • The 2,000-nit screen is bright enough to watch even in direct sunlight. (A 1,000-nit partial sun version suitable for deck use is available for $949.)
  • An anti-glare screen means everyone can see the action no matter where they're sitting.
$2,599 and up

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