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HJK and Aberdeen drew 2-2 in Finland in a wild Europa Conference League game on Thursday that featured some stunning snow and an equally stunning golazo. Aberdeen defender Angus MacDonald scored a ridiculous rocket that got his team back into it after a strong start for the home team who scored two goals in the first 33 minutes.

Take a look at this "snowlazo."

Goals just look even cooler in the snow with that iconic orange ball. But things were just getting started. 

The game was deeply affected by the snow storm and it was suspended momentarily in the second half. With 15 minutes to play in Helsinki, the referee had taken the players off the pitch while a plow cleared the pitch of the snow before the two sides could resume the game.

This match also featured Aberdeen players having to ask their traveling fans to stop throwing snowballs at the Helsinki goalkeeper as they were distracting the player. 

Ah, European nights never disappoint.