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Travis Kelce is a Kansas City Chiefs icon. And while it would be hard to imagine the two-tie Super Bowl Champion wearing another team's jersey, musician Machine Gun Kelly is willing to try. Kelly, who grew up in Cleveland, made an impressive offer for Kelce to join the Browns.

Kelly FaceTimed Kelce on a recent episode of the "New Heights" podcast and said he was willing to throw around some big money for Kelce to play for his hometown Browns. Kelly offered Kelce $500,000 for spending money, $500,000 each for both of their Cleveland high schools and free breakfast from Kelly's restaurants every morning.

The Grammy-nominated musician told Kelce to consider his offer before throwing in one more sweetener.

"There is no decision that needs to be made right now," Kelly said. "Just know my offer is real, and it's on the table. I'll make beats in the locker room every day."

Kelce, who grew up in Cleveland Heights, admitted that his original dream was to play for the Browns somehow. That said, Kelce pointed out that he has a pretty good thing going with the Chiefs right now. Patrick Mahomes, a pair of championships and a first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame resume will do that.

"I'll tell you what, man," Kelce said. "That is an intriguing offer. It is an intriguing offer because you know how much we love the east side of Cleveland. Shaker Heights. Cleveland Heights. You already know, brother. I'm not gonna lie. The situation is pretty good in Kansas City."

Kelce and the Chiefs might even be headed for yet another Super Bowl as they currently sit at 8-3 and first in the AFC West. Maybe Kelly can try again when Kelce's contract is up following the 2025 NFL season.