Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been oustanding since returning from major knee surgery. (US Presswire)

Every week, RB Adrian Peterson continues to amaze NFL fans.

He leads the league in rushing with 1,446 yards, has rushed for more than 100 yards in the past six games -- a Vikings team record. He's 214 yards from setting a personal record (1,760 yards in 2007) -- and that is only four more yards than the 210 yards he gained last week in Green Bay.

He has accomplished all this still with four games left in the season and in a year where he is coming off major knee surgery. Asked if he surprises even himself, Peterson demures.

“You’ve got to have one believer," Peterson said. "And I am sure there are many out there, but I definitely believed I was going to come back better than before. So I am not surprised.”

On Thursday, Peterson also weighed in on a few other subjects.

Was last week’s rushing performance one of your best?

Peterson: “Not really; we lost. So that put a damper on the 210-yard game. So I wasn’t that proud. I was actually upset because I felt like I could have done more. But you know, I can come out this weekend and will my team and help my team win, and get a W this go round.”

Do you think about the 2,000 mark milestone?

Peterson: “It’s not something I think about constantly. I feel like if I go out and just continue to play the way I have been playing that it will come naturally. I’m not trying to make it seem like I wouldn’t want to get 2,000, you know, but I am making it simple for myself. If I go out and continue the way I am playing, I figure it will come. I don’t sit there and worry about it or think about it. I just go and play ball and let it come to me if it happens.”

What about 2,105 rushing yards, which is the NFL record?

Peterson: “That sounds good, too. Hey 2,500 would be even better.”

What are your thoughts about WR Percy Harvin being put on the IR?

Peterson: “It’s tough. It’s unfortunate he’s going to be out. But we’ve got to move forward with what we are trying to accomplish. So, I just wish him the best and hopefully he comes back healthy next year.

Having had a season-ending injury yourself, what would you tell him?

Peterson: “Keep your thoughts positive, man, and keep your head up. Just get healthy and look forward to getting back next year. Just real simple. Make the best out of the time.”

Has your offseason work contributed to the kind of season you're having?

Peterson: “One hundred percent. I set my goals and what I wanted to accomplish and the things that you guys don’t see is how hard I worked, the grind and [how I] fought through different situations to get back. But mentally I was able to do it and push through it when I was tired and didn’t want to do anything. So, yeah, I can definitely give credit to the things I put in this offseason. Plus my offensive line is playing some great ball, and fullback Jerome Felton, he’s doing a great job of giving me creases to take advantage of as well.”

Are yards coming harder with the team’s passing game struggling?

Peterson: “Yeah, you could say that. Teams come in and first off they want to stop the run initially when they play the Vikings. And when you are not getting the passing game going, then that’s even more of an emphasis to jam the box.”

You said you want to win a couple championships. Can you do it in Minnesota?

Peterson: “I feel like they can happen here. I feel that we have the time to make it happen. We just have to get the pieces and put it all together.”

Last week you were seen running a go route down the sidelines. Will you be lining up wide more often?

Peterson: “I don’t know but if they do decide to do that, I will go out and play some receiver, you know, punt return, throw a block, whatever.”

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