Tyreek Hill has spent most of his career torching nearly every defensive back that he's ever faced and the speedy receiver is so confident in his abilities that he thinks he could torch one of the best corners of all-time if he ever got the chance. 

During a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Hill was asked what kind of numbers he'd put up if he had to face Deion Sanders in his prime and let's just say, the Dolphins receiver doesn't think Primetime would be able to slow him down. 

"I'm putting 175 on Deion, easy, 175, two touchdowns," Hill said.

That's a bold statement, especially when you consider that Deion is arguably the best cover corner in NFL history. During his Hall of Fame career, Deion was named a first-team All-Pro a total of six times. He also won two Super Bowls and he was named to the NFL's all-decade team in the 1990s along with the 100th anniversary team. 

So why does Hill think he would have so much success against Deion? Because of his size. 

The Dolphins receiver, who checks in at just 5'9" and 197 pounds, thinks his small frame would give him an edge on Deion. 

"I'm quicker, more agile, I can move a whole lot, quick-twitch guy, I can catch screens," Hill said. 

Hill also pointed out that modern receivers are asked to do more, so it would be more difficult for Deion to keep up with him. 

"It's a whole lot that goes into a game," Hill said. "I'm not saying I'm gonna put the whole [175 yards] up by going deep or running an actual route: I'm catching screens, I'm doing whatever the game needs me to do to get yardage on Deion."

Hill also added that he'd steal Deion's strut while scoring the two touchdowns that he thinks he'd be able to score. 

"I'm so disrespectful with it, while I'm scoring, I'm doing his shit in the end zone," Hill said. 

The problem for us is that unless someone invents a time machine, we're never going to get to see Hill go up against Deion in his prime, which is unfortunate, because it definitely would have been a battle. 

NFL teams probably wish they had someone like Deion to cover Hill, who led the league in receiving last season with 1,799 yards.