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One of Super Bowl LVIII's most talked-about moments was Travis Kelce's heated exchange with Andy Reid. While the situation left many who watched feeling uneasy, Tom Brady completely understood where Kelce was coming from. 

Brady played in a record 10 Super Bowls, so no one understands the pressure and emotion of that situation better than him. Along with defending Kelce's actions, Brady lauded how Reid handled the situation. 

"There's always little family issues," Brady said on his "Let's Go!" podcast. "I don't mind seeing it, because I was a part of a lot of those things. Emotions are so high, you are definitely not centered and balanced. You're not in a meditative state at that point. You are fully determined to go out there and to win. I think a lot of the things that are said during the games, people should just let them fly off their back. 

"I actually think Coach Reid handled it just awesome, like he always does. He just said, 'You know, I was a little off balance, and Travis is such a competitor.' I love that, because it just speaks to his leadership ability. Some coaches would get so sensitive and, 'Oh, you embarrassed me.' You're a competitor and you're an athlete. You get out there and you have the credibility that Travis has and you've had that All-Pro experience and you've won Super Bowls."

Brady then used former teammates Julian Edelman and Randy Moss as "players that would die to come off the field in those moments."  

"We didn't want to take them off one play," Brady said, "and they're thinking, 'If we're going down, I'm going out here every play trying to contribute.' That's when your team needs you the most and that's what, I think, Travis was trying to convey." 

Fortunately for Kelce, the Chiefs won the game, so that moment is now a much smaller footnote in history than had they lost to the 49ers. As for Reid, his handling of the situation likely contributed to the Chiefs winning a third Super Bowl in five years.