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JJ Watt opened the door earlier this offseason regarding a possible comeback with the Houston Texans. General manager Nick Caserio is keeping that door open. 

Watt, a future Hall of Fame defensive lineman who retired after the 2022 season, says he told Texans coach (and former Texans teammate) DeMeco Ryans last year that he'd "be there" if Ryans was desperate and needed some help on the defensive line. Ryans and Caserio didn't rule out the possibility of Watt returning immediately following Watt's comments, and Caserio is keeping the option on the table. 

"We'll see," Caserio said on "Up & Adams" Thursday. "I think JJ's got enough going on right now. Once the season starts, I think that's when the competitive juices get going. DeMeco has an open door policy for JJ, so we'll see how it goes."

As cool as it sounds, the idea of Watt returning to the gridiron is far-fetched. Not only has he not played in two years, the 35-year-old has also immersed himself in other things in retirement. In addition to golfing, training with younger brother and Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt and spending time with his wife and son, Watt is also an NFL analyst for CBS Sports. He and his wife are also minority investors in the Burnley FC soccer team.

That being said, there is precedent when it comes to Hall of Fame-level pass rushers coming out of retirement. Charles Haley, who won five Super Bowls with the 49ers and Cowboys, rejoined the 49ers for the 1998 playoffs after retiring the previous offseason. Reggie White, who is second all time in career sacks, played one year for the Panthers in 2000 after retiring after the 1998 season. 

If Watt returned, it would likely be for a possible playoff run if the Texans needed extra reinforcements on the defensive line. Given the talent the Texans have assembled this offseason, there's a good chance that the Texans will be in the playoffs for a second straight year. If that happens, the franchise's greatest player is only a phone call away. 

Caserio, though, isn't letting himself get too carried away. 

"I don't want to get too far ahead here," Caserio said of Watt's possible comeback. "I think we're just focused on the spring and getting through the rest of the spring and get to summer vacation, honestly."