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For the past two weeks, everyone has been trying to figure out if Taylor Swift will be at the Super Bowl and the answer to that question is yes. 

After holding a concert in Tokyo on Saturday night, Swift immediately jumped on a chartered jet that was headed for Los Angeles. The 17-hour time difference between Tokyo and L.A. made it possible for the Grammy-winner to time travel: She left Japan at 11:36 p.m. on Saturday and arrived in California around 3:30 p.m. PT on Saturday afternoon. 

She'll now make her way toward Las Vegas, which is good news for the Chiefs, because they've done pretty well with Swift in attendance this year. As every Swiftie knows, this will mark the 13th time that the singer has attended a Chiefs game this year. 

So far, the Chiefs have gone 9-3 with Swift in attendance. Here's a look at the games: 

Week 3 (Sept. 24): Chiefs 41-10 over Bears 

Location: Kansas City

Swift showed up to her first game back in Week 3 and she nearly broke the internet, and let's be honest, if anyone can break the internet, it's Taylor. 

Not only did Swift show up to watch her boyfriend (Travis Kelce), but she also sat with her boyfriend's mom. 

Week 4 (Oct. 1): Chiefs 23-20 over Jets

Location: East Rutherford, NJ

Not only did Swift's first road game of the season come in the Big Apple against the Jets, but it also came in prime-time. 

For this game, Swift brought some of her famous friends, including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman. 

Week 6 (Oct. 12): Chiefs 19-8 over Broncos

Location: Kansas City

After showing up for two Sunday games, Swift decided to throw us a curveball by showing up for a Thursday night game. 

The interesting thing about this trip is that she had to be in Los Angeles the day before the game for the premiere of her movie, "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour." After attending that, she flew out to Kansas City to watch Travis. 

Week 7 (Oct. 22): Chiefs 31-17 over Chargers 

Location: Kansas City

Yes, the Chiefs won against the Chargers, but the only thing any Swiftie remembers is that this is the game where we got the first photographed kiss. 

You'll need to scroll over to the second picture to see the magic. 

Week 13 (Dec. 3): Packers 27-19 over Chiefs

Location: Green Bay

For the month of November, Swift didn't attend any games and that's mostly because she had to go back on tour. Once December started, she was at every game. After winning four straight games with Swift in attendance, the Chiefs' luck finally ran out in this loss to Green Bay. 

Week 14 (Dec. 10): Bills 20-17 over Chiefs

Location: Kansas City

The Chiefs started December in a tailspin. They followed up their loss to the Packers with another loss and this time it came against Josh Allen and the Bills. 

Week 15 (Dec. 17): Chiefs 27-17 over Patriots

Location: Foxoboro, Massachusetts

Not only did Taylor attend this game, but Patriots fans were actually cheering for her, which is something that Kelce appreciated. 

"Shoutout to the Patriots, New England," Kelce said back in December. "Taylor's on record saying that that stadium is one of the funnest that she's played at. So for them to show her is just kind of showing her some love. Shoutout to the Patriots for doing that."

That is probably the first and only time you'll hear Travis Kelce compliment the Patriots. 

Week 16 (Dec. 25): Raider 20-14 over Chiefs

Location: Kansas City

There was no way that Swift was going to miss this game and that's because it was on Christmas. Unfortunately, after the Chiefs lost their third game in four weeks, that was some chatter that maybe Swift was a distraction. The Chiefs are now in the Super Bowl, so clearly, that is not the case.

Week 17 (Dec. 31): Chiefs 25-17 over Bengals

Location: Kansas City

With the Chiefs playing on New Year's Eve, there was no way Swift was going to miss this game. 

Wild-card playoffs (Jan. 13): Chiefs 26-7 over Dolphins

Location: Kansas City

With the Chiefs playing in the fourth-coldest game in NFL history, no one would have blamed Swift if she decided to watch this game from home, but nope, she was there. 

Not only did she attend the game, but she turned Kristin Juszczyk into a household name by wearing a jacket that Juszczyk designed. Juszczyk is the wife of 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, so I'm guessing Taylor won't really be communicating with her on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Divisional round (Jan. 21): Chiefs 27-24 over Bills

Location: Buffalo

After sitting with Donna Kelce for most of the season, Taylor finally got a taste of what it was like to sit with Jason Kelce

As we all learned that day, there is no greater way to spend a football game than sitting in a box with Jason Kelce. 

AFC Championship (Jan. 28): Chiefs 17-10 over Ravens

Location: Baltimore

After the Chiefs beat the Ravens in the AFC title game, Kelce and Swift celebrated together on the field and I'm pretty sure there was even an "I love you" thrown in there.

Yup, there was definitely an "I love you" thrown in there. 

Super Bowl LVIII: Chiefs vs. 49ers

Location: Las Vegas

The Super Bowl will mark the seventh city that Swift has visited to watch Kelce play. The AFC title game gave us an "I love you," will the Super Bowl give us a marriage proposal if Kansas City ends up coming out on top?

If the Chiefs win, the two love birds will only have about 48 hours to celebrate together before Swift has to head to Australia to continue her Eras tour.