Taco Charlton is fed up, and he's apparently not going to take it anymore. The former first-round pick is entering the third year of a thus far disappointing NFL career, and the Dallas Cowboys have taken to the phones this offseason on several occasions with the goal of trading him. 

They've been unsuccessful thus far, however, and although Charlton himself asked for a trade earlier this offseason -- nothing has yet materialized. The problem why is clear, because his resume isn't exactly favorable and includes injury issues along with attitude problems that led to him being benched in 2018 once he was again healthy. As the team now readies to take on the Miami Dolphins in Week 3, the Cowboys are 2-0 and Charlton has been a healthy scratch for both of those contests.

When asked by 105.3FM the Fan if Charlton still has a role on the team, exec Stephen Jones made it clear it's in a backup role and even then the 24-year-old isn't beating out rookie fifth-round pick Joe Jackson due to Charlton's inability to flex.

After hearing that, Charlton send the Cowboys a definitive message via Twitter, and one that can't be misinterpreted.

"Free me," he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. 

In the end, Charlton feels his hand is being pushed by the Cowboys.

"Trust me the last thing I want to do is to have to go to social media to get what I want so I can play football again," he wrote in a separate tweet. 

The team would still like to acquire some sort of value for Charlton, but an outright release is not out of the question. Doing so now would hit the salary cap for merely $450,000 in dead money -- an inconsequential number when considering they have nearly $24 million in cap space. Unfortunately for Charlton, escalating from a trade request to demanding his release doesn't give him any more power than he had in the first place, which is none. 

He's under contract through the 2020 season and although his stint with the Cowboys likely won't last that long, it's up to the Joneses to determine when and how they'll cut him loose. Until then, all he can do is wait ...on the inactive list. 

Charlton has four sacks in two seasons, with three of them coming in his rookie year.