Colin Kaepernick's market is finally heating up in the sense that one team is showing interest in the former 49ers quarterback. But his reported visit with the Seahawks wasn't everything it was initially made out to be. 

On Thursday, Pro Football Talk reported that Kaepernick's visit to Seattle was just a visit. It didn't include a workout. 

Interest still appears to be running high. The Huffington Post's Jordan Schultz reported Thursday that Kaepernick's visit went "very well" and that Kaepernick "wants to be a Seahawk."

The match makes sense. Kaepernick, a top-32 NFL quarterback, would be an instant upgrade over the Seahawks' current backup quarterback, Trevone Boykin, who is embroiled in some legal difficulties.

Furthermore, the Seahawks are a clear contender in the NFC, which means they should value their backup quarterback position more -- especially considering the state of their offensive line (bad). If Russell Wilson were to go down with an injury, the Seahawks would likely be screwed, but with his athleticism, Kaepernick might be able to keep them afloat. 

On Thursday, we anointed Kaepernick our "Offseason Loser" due to his unsigned state, which is likely because of his protest during the 2016 season. But if Kaepernick can find a home in Seattle, he'll emerge from the offseason fine and well.

In a strange twist nobody could've foreseen five years ago, two former rivals are perfect for each other.